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Claimed:One Swedes Journey


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The skill in European born hockey players has grown throughout the years and the crop of junior players making the jump to North America might have the potential to turn into some of the greatest European players ever. For one young eighteen year old from Sweden, his only goal is to go down as one of the greatest Swedish hockey players ever.


That young man is named Jakob Linholm.




Linholm was born in Stockholm and has been playing hockey there for over a decade. He has been sharpening his skills and is looking to help increase the prominence of European players in the VHL. He was one of the top scorers on his team for the past few years and his rights are eligible to be taken by a VHLM club and he then can begin his VHLM career and soon transition into the VHL. Many scouts are in agreement that his skills will translate into the VHL, even though a few seasons in the farm league will do him well.


With the latest season coming to an end Jakob is no longer focused on playing junior hockey, but now his focus shifts to the possibility that his rights will be claimed and he can begins his VHLM career. Once he has played there he is looking to prove to the VHL teams that he is worth one of their coveted draft picks. The young Swedish left wing, known for his smooth skating and scoring ability, is hoping that his skills translate to the different ice surface and that going against bigger players won't hinder his ability.


He has been one of the most highly touted prospects to come from Sweden in quite some time and has a lot of VHL clubs interested to see how he performs in the VHLM. Being one of the more reliable finishers in the Swedish Junior League, teams are hoping that his scoring touch continues to improve and he remains a top scorer. His skating ability has also been described as being smooth and he relies on that in order to avoid being checked off the puck. One of the only knocks on him is that he has been known to get tossed around by bigger players when he is unable to deke around them and he doesn't like to throw hits. This concerns a few scouts since the VHL and VHLM is a more physical kind of game.


With his agent finishing the paper work, and his rights now eligible to be claimed, Jakob is just waiting for the phone call that will change his life. Jakob's dream has been to become one of the greatest Swedish players to ever play in the VHL and in what he hopes to be a short few weeks, he will be on his way to accomplishing this dream.

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Content: 3/3 - Welcome to the VHL, you've certainly got a bright future ahead of you. I would claim you if I was higher on the waiver priority. God knows my team could use some offense.
Grammar: 2/2 - I really had to nitpick on this one:
eighteen year old = eighteen-year-old
Appearance: 1/1 - Oh yeah!
Overall: 6/6 -  :andersoncheers:
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