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"Kai Randal, Bratislava Watchmen's Winger, walking into a match against the Oslo Storm"

Yup you guessed it, this will be another boring interview article. While it's true that this type of article is the least interesting out of other types, it's still useful in a way as it helps the readers who stumbled upon it get to know the person being interviewed better. For that sole reason, we decided to schedule an interview with the Bratislava Watchmen's new draftee, Kai Randal, who barely get any attention.

This eighteen years old winger was drafted 12th overall in the draft and will be playing for the Bratislava Watchmen. Rumor has it that the Watchmen's general manager, Vince Wong, is an acquaintance of Randal and consider him as a promising player. However, truth be told, his current ability and potential suggested the opposite. Anyhow, only time will tell and for now let's take a look at Randal's answers to our questions.

Interviewer: "Considering that you was raised in Japan, we're assuming you know this. If a cuckoo does not sing, you will?"
Randal: "Oh, I definitely know that. If a cuckoo does not sing, leave it alone."

For all those who have not heard of this saying before, "If a cuckoo does not sing" is technically a poem used to describe the three leaders of Japan during the Sengoku period. It's famous for being able to describe a person's personality as in, how they will react to a certain problem. In Randal's answer, he's suggesting that he's the type of guy who would leave his issues unsolved by escaping from it. One other possibility is that he's too lazy and couldn't be bothered by it. Well that explained his personality a lot and we like how he stay true to it.

Interviewer: "Interesting. What do you think of your role in this team? And do you think you guys will be able to win it all?"
Randal: "Honestly, it's hard to tell my role here. You guys may or may not know this but under my observation, these comrades of mine are downright monsters, period. I don't know if I can be considered a monster yet, so I'm probably the role player on this team. It's good to be friends with the monsters. The cool thing is that our manager, Wong-san*, is a a really great manager. I guess you can say he's [Vince Wong] our employer and we're Watchmen and Watchmen will get their job done no matter what. Nothing will stand against our will....well technically not our since a few of us sucks (like me)."

*San: A Japanese horrific meaning "Mister". In this case it's like he's saying "Mister Wong"

"Kai Randal during the VHLM Draft Night"

Interviewer: "One of your teammates, Tom Slaughter, is the same type of player as you are with similar skills just that he's a better player than you are. With things as it is now, you might not score a starting position. What do you think?"
Randal: "Hah, Slaughter is a bona fide stud, no doubt about it. And what you said also make sense. A lot. Sorry to disappoint but nah. It's not like being a backup is that much of a big deal anyways. The most important thing is that I want to carry on with my style of hockey. The moment I give up that idea is the moment of my downfall and I won't find hockey fun anymore. I also want my name to be remembered and just being great or being able to start aren't gonna make the cut. Like, you're good and is a starter but so what? You're not the best. Instead I want to be remembered as a specific player like whenever they think of the best passing winger, they'll think of me. Something like that."

Interviewer: "Anyone you look up to so far? Any rival?"
Randal: " Err...well, I guess the Odin guy in VHL. I admire him. He's a winger, just like me and his game is something of a beauty while I always love. He seems to also enjoy hockey a lot which is also great. I don't think I have any rival though considering that it's a pain to compete against other for accolades or something like that. I'm a guy who would ignore his problem so something like competing isn't my cup of tea.

"Randal handling the puck during a game"

And that's about it for this Week's interview. Be sure to tune in next week for more interviews of this sort. Send us some suggestions of who should be interviewed next if you may, or even the questions itself. With all said and done, thank you for reading all the way through and well I know this sound cliche but have a good day! Or is it not?

Words Count: 810 words (including photos' captions and title)

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Great read once again :) Interviews are usually not the most fun to read and get graded less due to originality. But having 810 words should definitely help you get full marks on this. Well done. Love seeing your bald player on these pictures.

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Great read once again :) Interviews are usually not the most fun to read and get graded less due to originality. But having 810 words should definitely help you get full marks on this. Well done. Love seeing your bald player on these pictures.

Thanks, appreciate that and I figured as much. Even I myself found it boring writing an interview type of article. But oh well, it's not like I have a choice.

Stuff like baldness and Japanese culture are just there to make it slightly exciting (or something like that) or it'll be boring as hell reading or writing this.

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Content: 3/3 - It's always great to see new guys come in and articles like this help us to get a grasp on their personalities. 
Grammar: 2/2 - Didn't see a thing, making my life easy!
Appearance: 1/1 - Definitely.
Overall: 6/6 - Well done sir, well done.
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