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Ottawa Lynx Sweater Set


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With his son now playing in the VHLM, Mr. Alexander Azhishchenkov decided it would be his duty, as a father, to attend some of his son's games. In a recent showdown between the Ottawa Lynx and Oslo Storm, Mr. Azhishchenkov was quite upset.


"One look at those horrendous sweaters the boys were wearing," said an upset Mr. Azhishchenkov. "And I knew that a change was definitely necessary."


Mr. Azhishchenkov works for Reebok in the jersey department. He works on jersey designs for all teams that use Reebok jerseys.


"As a jersey designer, I decided that I needed to do something about the jersey's in the VHLM," said Mr. Azhishchenkov. "I think the fans and players alike will enjoy the new sweaters being introduced to the team and the possibility of future modifications and alternate sweaters."


Reebok has fully endorsed this idea, and is eager to provide the VHLM with Reebok created sweaters, and actually hopes to seal an endorsement deal with the VHLM and VHL.


So far only one sweater set has completed stage 1: The Ottawa Lynx.




Home Sweater: 




Away Sweater:


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