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A Final Undertaking


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Undertaker is retiring.


As well as me in general from the VHL for awhile. 


I've been rather bored of the VHL for awhile now and I've wanted to step down as a GM since the conclusion of S50. I also knew I wouldn't be too excited about a player after Max retired. No offense to Chris or Stockholm, but I'm bored of Undertaker as well. I had plans to create Kane as my 2nd player and seek to destroy him, but I'm not even motivated to do that.


As most of you know, I'm a commissioner in the SBA and it's my sim league priority. I've always been here for the community, despite never feeling like a very big part of it. But it's time for me to just focus on the SBA (sim league wise) for awhile. That's what the commish team here does, and its time for me to do the same - I don't want to spread myself thin anymore. I've also got some life changes coming up in April and the VHL just isn't going to remain a priority. It's been fun and I'll still pop in, although maybe not as much. 





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Great having you around for so long. You were a magnificent GM, and thanks for having confidence in me to take the Legion by the horns.


See you around in SBA, although, I'm spreading myself thin being there as well. If any league goes for me, it'll sadly be SBA, but I don't really plan on it.

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