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ATTN: Mag Writers


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Please submit a new copy (or write a new version) of your article for Sunday. STZ was unable to obtain copies before the site crashed. We'll be hoping to get access to mag central to all of you ASAP, but in the event we aren't able to please PM a copy to myself or STZ.

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I don't remember if I wrote an article for this mag or the previous one. Either way, this week will be a free week for everyone in the VHL because I said so. Get them in Sunday for next week please.



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I'm sure we will have a Mag Forum by this weekend so PM prob won't be necessary - unless you won't be around this weekend..


Actually... ;)


But srsly, we are having a sale at the store I work at. Meaning, my spine will be misaligned in so many places that I don't think it's fair to call it a spine anymore.


That being said, latest it will be up is monday morning.

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