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Claimed:My yearly picks for ASG

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Every season for the past 4, I think I think I have been making picks of those player who I think should be playing in the ASG. To complete this here we go for another season. 



:col:Joel Jaarvi @gregreg

:col:AK47 @701

:nya:Diana Maxwell @Streetlite

:nya:Unassisted @STZ

:nya:Tom Lincoln @Pablo

:col:Max Von Hohenzollern @RomanesEuntDomus

:sea:Pietro Maximoff @Green

:nya:Essian Ravenwing @der meister

:sto:Tyson Kohler @Kendrick

:col:Alexander Thrower @gregreg

:sea:Bogdan Podarok @The Bread Man

:sto:Shawn Muller 


Joel Jaarvi, AK47, Max Von Hohenzollern and Alexander Thrower are one quartet that will make up 1/3 of the ASG in my opinion. It is very hard to ignore Joel Jaarvi's 41 goals and 55 assists for 96 poitns in just 39 games so far this season. AK47 has been a main benefactor in his career season by playing on a line with Jaarvi. He has 40 goals and has assisted on 41 goals for 81 points in 39 games. MVH has shown no signs of a sophomore slump with 28 goals and 39 assists for 67 points after being a surprise in his rookie season. He has carried on the strong play this season. This Cologne team has helped another rookie reach some great stats as Alexander Thrower has scored 27 goals and assisted on 31 goals for 58 points. He seems on his way to winning rookie of the year just like MVH last season.


Diana Maxwell, Unassisted, Tom Lincoln and Essian Ravenwing are the other quartet that makes up over 2/3 of the ASG. Maxwell is having a great season with 37 goals and 42 assists for 79 points. Places him 3rd in league scoring behind the two Express players. Unassisted isn't scoring at his normal pace that we have seen in the past but he is still having a fine season with 31 goals and 40 assists for 71 points. Tom Lincoln has fought a nice niche on the line with them scoring 35 goals and assisting on 34 goals for 69 points. Last but not least is Essian Ravenwing who has 15 goals and 47 assists for 62 points on the year, showing off some great passing ability. 


Pietro Maximoff and Bogdan Podarok are the first two player not from Cologne and New York to be named to the roster in my opinion. Pietro Maximoff has fallen off a bit from his apce from last season but has still scored 32 goals and assisted on 33 goals for 65 points in 39 games. Good enough fro 7th in the league and is the first player in the top 7 to not be a Express or Americans player. Bogdan Podarok is having himself a fine season as well with 27 goals and 28 assists for 55 points. With players so close together in points around the 11th to 16th in league scoring mark it is hard to pick exactly who will and will not make it.


Tyson Kohler and Shawn Muller make up the last two spots for the ASG as they are one of the two main components of a Stockholm Viking team that looks to make a deep run in the playoffs. Tyson Kohler has been the leading man this season with 29 goals and 29 assists for 58 points for the Vikings while Shawn Muller has scored 26 goals and assisted on 27 goals for 53 points. Why I have Muller on there and not someone like Sir William Covington III or Felipe Rodriguez is because Muller has a 9 point lead on the next leading scoring on Stockholm so I deem that more valuable than someone who is 3rd or 5th in team scoring.



:sea:Jeff Hamilton @sterling

:hel:Black Velvet @Higgins

:nya:Bobby Digital @gorlab

:cal:David Hamilton @Knight

:sto:Tobias Klingberg @Mr.Baller

:que:Fabio Jokinen @jRuutu

:sto:Lee King Snatch @Smarch

:hel:Maxsym Barnyashev @Wasty


Jeff Hamilton is the lone representative from the Seattle defense. He is having a good season with 18 goals and 34 assists for 52 points in 39 games. He is playing very well in his last season.


Black Velvet and Maxsym Barnyashev represent the Helsinki defense with Velvet trying to keep his strangle hold on the Top Defenseman Trophy this season and he is in a power struggle with Jeff Hamilton with 9 goals and 44 assists for 52 points in 39 games. One might suggest that since Velvet is the leading scorer on his team that he would also win the Top Defenseman Trophy but that remains to be seen. Barynyashev sneaks on as the last defenseman with 9 goals and 23 assists for 32 points. A pretty decent showing for the 2nd year defenseman.


Bobby Digital is the lone New York representative with NO goals and 47 assists for 47 points. It remains to be seen if he will score a single goal this season. He also has a outside shot at winning the Sterling Labatte Trophy but with Velvet leading the Titans in scoring and Hamilton in his last season, it would be a hard sell for voters.


David Hamilton leads the way for Calgary players with a decent showing himself in his last season with 12 goals and 27 assists for 39 points. He has been passed out lately but seems to have found a nice little home in Calgary for his last season.


Tobias Klingberg and Lee King Snatch represent the Stockholm side of defence. Klingberg who was acquired from Calgary has scored 5 goals and assisted on 33 goals for 38 points leads the way for Stockholm's defence. Lee King Snatch isn't that far behind with 9 goals and 23 assists for 32 points himself. Both are enjoying breakout type seasons playing for the top ranked Stockholm Vikings teams.



:sea:Jakub Holik @Beketov

:sto:Rhett DeGrath @STZ

:col:Ilya Kopralkov @Toast

:que:Apollo Skye @Velevra

:nya:M.T Power @Devise

:hel:Astrid Moon @Da Trifecta


Jakub Holik is the consensus best goalie in the VHL following the retirement of the Clegane's and Weinstein. He certainly has been showing his worth wit ha record of 31-7-1 with a 0.921 save percentage and a 1.62 G.A.A. He also has 6 shutouts and 5 assists. He is however just in his prime and will be retiring in two seasons, so the time is definitely now for the Bears to win.


Rhett DeGrath is showing no signs of a sophomore slump and is amongst the front runners to win the top goaltender trophy this season. He has a 30-7-2 record with a 0.914 save percentage and a 1.76 G.A.A. He also has a league leading 11 shutouts but no assists. The guy has a very bright future ahead of him.


Ilya Kopralkov is a somewhat of a forgotten commodity the last few seasons from backing up the Riga Reign to a Continental Cup to winning one as a starter with the New York Americans. Now he is the starter for the Cologne Express and they are doing very well. He has a record of 24-12-3 and a 0.923 save percentage to go along with a 2.27 G.A.A. He also has 6 shutouts and 4 assists. He is one of the under valued goalies in the league today.


Apollo Skye is another player who is lost in the shuffle of old and new goalies. He plays for the Quebec City Meute who have Edwin Threencarnacion as the backup. So far, he has a record of 16-20-3 in his first season outside of Davos. He also has a tidy 0.930 save percentage and a 2.15 G.A.A with 8 shutouts and 2 assists. It remains to be seen if Skye can have a breakout season and push himself to be one of the best goalies in the league.


M.T Power is one of two rookies to make the all-star team in my opinion. He plays on a very strong New York Americans team and is holding his own with a record of 24-6-2 with a 0.902 save percentage and a 2.18 G.A.A. You would obviously want his save percentage to go up but you can't argue with that win loss record. He also has 1 shutout.


Astrid Moon is last up to make the team because we are here to reward the actives and name them to the all-star team and not inactives unless they are having a really outstanding season. That is not to say that Moon is having a bad year as he has a record of 21-14-3 with a 0.899 save percentage and a 2.47 G.A.A. I think his potential has him ahead of players such as Dmitri Dadonov who will miss out on being a All-star for the first time in his career.

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2 minutes ago, TheLastOlympian07 said:

who the fuck is Jakab anyway, its Jakub, you spelled your own name wrong. congrats you played yourself :P

I spelt it the way that it's usually spelt in the Czech Republic :P

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