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The young, defenseman hails from one of the most skilled hockey nations on this planet. Giving birth to some of the most gifted hockey players the game has ever seen. Despite living at and playing for the Brampton Blades, Aleksei Federov still calls Sweden home. Aside from the fact of where he's from, his last name rings a bell to all those who follow the sport of hockey as he calls one of the most prominent snipers in Sergei Federov his uncle. While Aleksei Federov plays a completely different position and does not possess even close to what his relative did in the National Hockey League, the younger Federov entered the Victory Hockey League Minor leagues and to safely put it, was on a mission to carry on the legacy of his last name. Though Aleksei has a long road ahead of him when it comes to becoming an elite force in the VHL, he's well on his way. Shall we take a look?


:brm:Season 53 - A year of growth :brm:



Aleksei Federov is not known for his bone crushing hits, but he is known for his above average two-way game and a high level of play when it comes to his own end. While the statistics may not completely give credit to the defenseman, his skill level and presence on the ice speaks for itself. Game after game, Federov's name comes up on numerous occasions where he makes a big play at either end of the ice. In his own zone, the kid handles himself already as a pro and is able to play under pressure. While their is quite the room for improvement in his game, thus far he has exemplified qualities which very few defenseman his age show off. His defensive side to the game is coming along nice as his trait sits at an overall of 80, and the rest of his game seems to be more rounded out. Passing, Puck Handling and Skating are all at 70, while scoring currently sits at 57. 


When it comes to scoring goals, I'm not sure I'm your guy most of the time. I got some nice hands and can push the play up the ice, but I'm more of a passing guy right now who is more confident in his own end. I wouldn't call myself a home run of a defensive prospect right now as I'm more or less trying to round out my game, but in doing so, I'm preparing to make the step to the VHL quicker and be able to handle the more competitive, elite style of play.


Federov has seen himself lace the skates up for 40 games this season. Through those games, he has notched 9 goals, while additionally helping on another 28 for 37 points in total. His time in the penalty box is limited with 18 penalty minutes and his plus/minus is currently lower than a lot of scouts and fans had expected. Continuing, his play on the special teams has been outstanding and is largely counted on by the team as it's an area of his game currently where he's really found his groove and taken off. Currently sitting 1st on the team for power play goals with 7 and 2nd on the team for points with 17, he's showing that when it counts he can really step up. On the flip side, he's played the most minutes on the team when it comes to killing off penalties.




It's nice getting those power play goals and points. Would I love to contribute more 5 on 5? Of course I would, but those goals are important too and we need to capitalize on those situations. For me to be playing so strongly on the Power Play really helps with my confidence in how I'm training offensively and helps push me forward in becoming a stronger, two-way defenseman for my future major league team.


654, for Federov (this was bruuuutal lol)

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