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Jon Snow A Boy From The North

Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska

Jersey Number: 4
Height (inches): 6'2
Weight (lbs.): 190


Living In The North

Growing up in Alaska doesn't present many opportunities for a young man, except for ice and snow. Always trying to earn his keep with his family, Jon began training on the ice at a young age. He flourished from the start and his skills with the puck excelled passed even his own half brother. He was always a speedy player but had the knack for being a solid defender. Always protecting his brother on and off the ice, he was pushed forward to pursue being an elite defenseman. His strengths were in his skating, faster than anyone else on the ice, and his physical strength. Jon has always been strong, but still has that incredible hockey sense


Anchorage Alaska Wall

Jon always faced one barrier, the fact that being from such a remote area of the world was hard to get recognition for his skill. Fortunately, his Uncle helped with that situation. While visiting his father, Jon's Uncle recommended taking him even further north, but, to an area where he could focus on his skills and abilities and gain recognition with this renown team, The "Anchorage Wall." While playing for the Wall Jon was seen as the leader of the group. Jon faced many challenges, teammate disagreements, new recruits not giving him respect, but after proving himself time after time, he surpassed every challenge thrown at him. He honed his leadership abilities and continued to grow until he started gaining interest from the VHLM.  


VHLM and Moving Forward

The Ottawa Lynx of the VHLM had given Jon notice of their interest. He saw an opportunity with this team to help him continue to grow as a leader and defender. They saw his strengths but they also saw his weaknesses. Jon wasn't exactly as aggressive as his size and skill could allow him to be. Even though he had tremendous speed, he had a hard time allowing himself to take risks on offensive opportunities. He lacked offensive skill with shooting and puck handling. The thriving Ottawa Lynx seemed to be a good fit for someone looking to gain offensive ability due to the amount of winning they had been doing during his entry season.


The North Remembers

Jon Snow has just started his Legacy, but continues to work at it day in and day out. Looking forward to this journey he is about to take, Jon Snow realizes this will take a lot of time and effort to become the hockey player he wants to be.  

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