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What has happened to VHL? Is everything still the same, but I just keep on bashing my head to the wall? There has been fair amount of comments around the league after the new update scale was published. Top end skill levels are now slightly harder to achieve, but is that still enough, is anything going to really change or are we just going see same level of play in the sims as now? 


Now it´s bit too easy for players who are on welfare to make damage in VHL. I like to think there was a time when welfare players were lucky to make it into the bench of a VHL team, yet alone scoring a lot on ice, but things are different now. Is it just the overall level of players and teams in VHL that is at the all the time low or why are the welfare players getting so much time on the sunshine? 


There are few welfare players who have been playing really well this year, Max Von Hohenzollern is one of them, he has 78 points in 44 games. There are few others who have started claiming welfare or pension some point in their career and have been playing really well, but Max can be put into the pure welfare or pension category for claiming it for majority of his career and without holding any jobs.




Is that just building your player in a smart way and being in the right place on the right time, you cant obviously do everything by yourself, no matter who you are. You need to have support to get those kind of numbers, but it still raises few questions about current VHL. Are we heading towards direction where more users try their luck and do the Max Von special? Spend less time about worrying about doing PT´s and focus on just building more of a specialist player? Max is purely a offensive player with 99 in scoring and 90 in skating. 


It´s working clearly, Max slammed 98 points in his rookie year and now already has 78 in 44 games.  The ´scary´ part about everything is that Max is s50 player, so even though the new update scale will more than likely drop his offensive attributes down little bit, same is going to happen to players who are playing against him, is anything going to be that different in the end? Is the change going to happen down the line, three seasons from now,five season from now? Nobody knows for sure.




I mentioned this previously, but Max of course has help with him, he has Jarvi and Ak47 next to him and that line has been dominant this year, but it´s still worrying to see welfare player tear the league apart the way Max has done during his first few years. Will be interesting to see what will happen in the future, will the update scale have any effect on Max and others in the welfare army? 

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