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Slightly over forty games have been played so far in regular season. Quebec is currently sitting at 39 points, 11 points more than Wranglers who are 4th, so it´s looking quite good on us making the playoffs this year! That would be the first time in my VHL career, last year we did not make it. How far we can go in the playoffs is totally different thing though.


Americans are leading the NA division with 71 and Bears are right behind with 69 points, so we have very little chance on improving our position in the standings, but like mentioned, finishing third would be improvement from last year. If we can keep on doing that every year we are going to the right direction as a team. 


Personally this season has been improvement from last year as well, I have managed to be a better player than last year. I think that says it all really, I don´t make easy mistakes that often anymore and I have noticed that I have more energy at the end of the games. Managed to improve my condition a lot, that makes a big difference. Especially for me since I play massive minutes every game.


That is all for this week, making the playoffs is my and the teams only goal for remaining of the regular season.

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