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Claimed:The 10 longest tenured VHLM GM's: #10 - #6


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I already made two articles about VHLM GM's, now it's the third take. This time, I'm going to name 10 junior league general managers with the longest reigns (cumulative tenures also included). As we all know already, there are several GM's who want to set the record, but is it going to be easy? Let's see. 



Картинки по запросу an old gm hockey



*Very old GM...*





10. Steve Smeall


8 seasons as a VHLM GM

S30 and S32-38 with Brampton Blades



Before Riga happened, he tried his luck in VHLM. The outcome wasn't really impressive - 1 finals appearance in 8 seasons with Brampton. Not the best record, but I can assure you it's definitely not the worst VHLM GM ever had. BTW, his VHL tenure has more bright spots, like the Continental Cup in S51, that outweighs his previous 0-12 playoff record.




9. Vince Wong



8 seasons as a VHLM GM


S31-36 with Bratislava Watchmen; S44-45 with Bern Royals


His GM record is certainly better than Toast had. Also, his last GM reign was more recent, so he is listed at number 9 here. I already listed his accomplishments in my first article and I don't think I should do that once again. 




8. Jason Glasser



9 seasons as a VHLM GM


S20-25 with Ottawa Lynx; S43-45 with Oslo Storm



I think I'm going to be right if I'll name Jason one of the most legendary GM's VHL ever had. He spent more seasons with the VHL team, but his 9 VHLM seasons are enough to put him into this list. He is another man, who was mentioned by myself in my previous article, hence no deeper analysis into his GM reign. 



 7. Conner Low



9 seasons as a VHLM GM


S26-30 with Bern Royals; S49-present with Brampton Blades


The first and the only one of two GM's with the current tenure. I can't say his record is impressive, but at least he has a cup. Trust me, there are some managers without any accolades, despite of their multi-season reign and I'm not even talking about Smeall. Low's only cup came in S50 with Brampton; his time with Bern was much worse - zero cups, zero finals. Right now he finished his rebuild and going for his second cup. Also, he is current and only VHLM Commissioner. 




6. Tyler Edgar




11 seasons as a VHLM GM


S16 with Kolari Panthers; S19-27 with Vasteras IK J20; S35 with Minot Gladiators


I remember him as a man who drafted me to Toronto. The VHLM will remember him as a GM who brought the only cup for Vasteras junior team in S27, his last season with them. His GM record track is decent also: before winning a cup, he managed to take Vasteras to finals in S23, ending a 11-season finals drought, and in S26, the season before he won a Founders Cup and Ken Holland Trophy. S35 was his last appearance at VHLM scene before he went to Toronto and won a cup in S37. 





Part 2 soon. 


6 TPE goes to Petenis

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