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Claimed:Sven Wolf Career Overlook


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When it comes to Wolves and Bears mixing, generally, it's an unforeseen sight. Yet, in the Victory Hockey League, it's one of the most important and loyal bonds two things currently have. Prior to entering the league, Sven Wolf was on the opposite side of the game. Rather than playing up front, Wolf found himself in between the pipes during his first stint in the VHLM. However, due to his agent being named the new General Manager of the Seattle Bears, Wolf knew it was in his best interest to take the pads off and adapt to a new position that the team desperately needed (and that was a center). Centers at the time were far and few, despite their being a decent number now. Wolf walked away from the goaltending position with roughly 180 tpe to restart at the bottom where he made his climb to where he is now. With a steady pace to his career and a fair amount of work, Wolf has consistently improved since the day he started all while staying true to his game. 


S50 - Rookie Campaign

Sven Wolf entered the Victory Hockey League a year earlier than most players (I believe) simply due to the fact that the team was lacking anything down the middle for depth. This was largely credited to the moves made by GM Campbell the season prior when he decided to blow up the organization and start a full on rebuild right toward the end of Season 49. With Podarok, AK-47 and Sven Wolf leading the pack of minor talented depth, Wolf struggled to provide proof to the league and Seattle fan base that he was as good as his scouting report led off. Despite scouting reports saying Wolf was a true, Swedish talent who had an incredible talent for finding his teammates open, he failed to live up the point productivity part of the report. With an extremely unimpressive amount of 4 goals in 72 games, he also collected a rather surprisingly low amount of assists with 27 for a total of 31 points on the year.

S50(SEA) 72GP |  4G - 27A - 31P | -20 | 120SHT | 1GWG | 12PIM | 62HIT | 10SB | 54.2FO%


S51 - Sophomore "Surprise"

While this season was nothing to overly get excited about and wasn't anything near elite or what he should have been playing at, Sven Wolf brought a little more action to his game. Additionally, the Bears managed to cut their rebuild time arguably in half and make playoffs a season earlier than what they truly expected. A weaker conference, as opposed to Season 49, could have been to their benefit. Nonetheless, Wolf's first playoff appearance would happen right around the corner. During the regular season, Wolf showed that he was able to improve and that the potential of him living up to his name was at least a little more likely than last season. Through the 72 game regular season, Wolf increased a majority of his statistics aside from hiding. Goals were up by 11, assist by 13 and points by 24. He found a higher level of confidence with shooting as he seen his shots increase by 68 on the year, his +/- shoot up by an incredible 30 and a 6 % increase in the face off circle.


By the time playoffs game, the increase in seasonal performance had Wolf running at a higher level. He managed a point per game in the playoffs with 6 through 6, yet, lost out quickly in the first round of playoffs to cut their season shorter than what they would have liked.

S51(SEA) 72GP | 15G - 40A - 55P | +10 | 188SHT | 2GWG | 24PIM | 51HIT | 12SB | 60.7FO%
S51(SEA) 6GP | 2G - 4A - 6P | -1 | 18SHT | 1GWG | 2PIM | 4HIT | 5SB | 44.7FO%

Season 52 - The Break Out Season

It's pretty safe to call season 52 the season Sven Wolf decided to break out. Not only did he manage to increase his level of play on the ice, but the Seattle Bears players and organization continued to get stronger and make advances for the playoffs when it came to team moves and transactions. With the team and Wolf playing their best hockey in quite a few years, it really had Seattle buzzing. The team finished with a record of 58-11-3 and also witnessed numerous big seasons from a lot of their players. One, of course, being Sven Wolf. Wolf turned up his game on the season and once again managed to increase a majority of his statistics. Through the 72 game season, he threw up 25 goals, 68 assists (6th in the league) for 93 points and sat 4th among centers league wide for points. 


The team earned a bye to the second round of playoffs as they hoisted the Victory Cup. The team name was able to grab any ground on the eventual champions and lost out in 5 games. The Americans managed to shut down for the most part a large portion of the Bears offense while also solving Jakab Holik and giving him some poorer numbers. Wolf had a goal and 4 points through the 5 games.

S52 (SEA) 72GP | 25G - 68A - 93P | +47 | 280SHT | 5GWG | 24PIM | 45HIT | 29SB | 62.76FO%
S52 (SEA) 5GP | 1G - 3A - 4P | -1 | 10SHT | 0GWG | 0PIM | 1HIT | 4SB | 50.56FO%

Season 53 - Still being written

The Bears are back and while seeming weaker when it comes to depth, arguably have stronger talent (minus defense) .Winning it all this season will likely be a difficult task, but they're holding their heads up high thus far. They sit in 2nd in the conference with a 35-9-1 record - 2 points shy of the Americans. The team started out on fire seeing a majority of their players start the season off hot, however, have seen a big decline in production and have held fairly average since the hot start. Sven Wolf is playing pretty decent puck with 20 goals,  42 assists and 62 points in 45 games played.


Sven Wolf is currently on par for:

72 GP -- 32 G -- 67 A - 99 PTS -- 339 SHT -- 3 GWG --18 PIM

S53(SEA) 45GP | 20G - 42A - 62P | +44 | 212SHT | 2GWG | 11PIM | 32HIT | 23SB | 64.7FO%


Career Totals

(SEA) 261GP | 64G - 177A - 241P | +81 | 800SHT | 10GWG | 71PIM | 190HIT | 74SB | 60.59FO%


For Sven Wolf +6

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