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Claimed:A match made in HELL


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 Vernon Von Axelberry seems to be wasting away in Oslo, the kid has talent but he plays for a team that will make the playoffs but is not expected to win a series if not an upset game. But with all this doom and gloom going on Vernon is staying positive and telling his GM that he knows a deal will come. He knows a team will pick him up. Why? Because not only will they be getting a goalie for this season but also next season.


Vernon last week sort of announced his intentions to play in the VHLM next season and dominate instead of being a backup for a team he will never play for or a shitty VHL team that will give him no help. So he rather play for a team that will dominate next season in the VHLM so he can get his 2nd VHLM cup.


Great plan right? Well sort of… Oslo is not poised to be a top team next season and with no interest right now Axelberry’s plan may blow up in his face. If he plays in the VHLM next season, it may very well be for the wrong team and he will waste away another season in a league that isn’t that great.


The only real hope is that Robbie Zimmers his player agent is the GM of Bern franchise, the team that will most likely be the favorites next season. So if Robbie wants to win a cup next season he is almost surely going to need a goalie or two. Robbie really doesn’t have to do much other than draft well with his stockpile of draft picks then sit back and watch the wins roll in.


It’s almost a match made in hell, Robbie the king asshole as he would like to be called is…well… an asshole. He most likely doesn’t really care about this team that much to put much effort into it. He gets his benefits and collects them with a smile on his face. Next season there will not be really much to do other than the draft as I said and watching those wins coming in. Is this the kind of man you really want to win the cup as a GM next season? One that openly defies authority, goes around making jokes about everything, one that in all honesty lucked out and got a team that’s loaded with draft picks?


How can you stop him? Well… make your own trades for next season. Challenge him to actually care enough to look into who he is picking. Make him scramble to make trades, make him… need a goalie. Everyone and their grandma knows Robbie will go after Axelberry at the draft or this trade deadline. It’s a given. With Axelberry he doesn’t have to worry about the net at all. If he doesn’t give up a pick this draft that’s even better for him. So whenever the trade deadline is this week, do your part and stop Robbie before he has something else to brag about.


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