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Dear VHL GMs


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Following on from some suggestions from Der Meister on his wildly successful podcast, I thought I would take a few moments to say hello and make my intentions known to the VHL General Managers. It is still a little while before they will start to assess the draftees for next season, or at least the new members as they already know the quality of player that the experienced members can produce. As a sim leaguer I am new to this concept and hope I continue to enjoy my time here as I get to know many of you and see my player develop and hopefully play well during his career. My player, Takashi Fujimoto is a Right winger that I hope to develop into a balanced player with both good offense and defensive capabilities that can benefit a team in more than just one way. Sure being an all out scorer would be great but I think I would rather help my team however I can in order to win and and have success during the season. 

I have been submitting a PT every week so far as well as doing the practice facility, trivia and all pickem activities. Both my biography and rookie profile have been completed so I hope a GM may take a look at my player and even consider drafting him if they think he will suit their team and its style of play. I do not care about draft position or anything so even if its in the second or third round I would be happy with that. As far as looking forward I do not see any reason why I should do any less point tasks or decrease my activity so what you see right now as far as activity etcetera should be normal going into the future and be maintained to make my player good. I hope a GM reads this and remembers my player when the draft is happening. Thank you.



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