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Cocaine shortage


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Yes you read that right, there is a cocaine shortage. Columbia cannot make it faster then it is being consumed. Why? and no the answer is not SWC3 but it sure does effect him. The answer is there have been wild fires that have destroyed mass cocaine crops and cocaine packaging facilities. Cocaine which is Columbia's leading export has been severely been affected by all this. They have told dealers across the world to unite as one cocaine front and sell less till the cocaine that was lost can be replaced. No timetable has been set but here in New York SWC3 announced that he is having a lavish Cocaine party where it will snow cocaine. Columbian Cocaine officials have been said to have come to his house and asked him to lower the amount of cocaine he is using during the party. SWC3 laughed in their face and showed them the stash he had which is more than enough to help the worlds cocaine shortage. SWC3 told them if they wanted the drugs they would have to pry it away from his dead hands or buy it at a insane inflated price. No one knows how this standoff will end but some are hoping that SWC3 may go down like Tony Montana.


tony montana

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