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Riga Reign GM Change


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First of all, a big shout out to @Toast for his successful run as GM including the cup win in S51. He'll be missed as a GM but hopefully we still see him around the league. 


Toast's replacement shall be @hedgehog337 who will be moving up from the VHLM GM position that he has held for a long while. He will have a trade posted shortly to move one of his players over and make it official. Congrats and good luck to him!


Also, thanks to everyone who sent a PM to apply. You'll be kept in mind for next time.



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GM job to a guy who lasted been seen online in almost a full year?!?!


Good run by @Toast and knowing when it's time to step away and let a guy who's been a long time VHLM GM. Kind of sucks for the VHLM as @hedgehog337 was extremely dedicated and was legit sending me a new line file every day in the playoffs.

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