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With it being all-star week and all let's give the VHLM some love and pick a team of VHLM all-stars that follow the same format the VHL does, 12 forwards, 8 defenseman and 6 goalies.



:ott:John Locke @Will

:ott:Motherfucker Sharpe @JardyB10

:ott:Fook Yu @tfong

:yuk:Apollo Aho @iRockstar

:yuk:Fredinamijs Krigars @hedgehog337

:yuk:Jakub Pastrnak @mpclardy

:ssk:Austin Hickey V @Hickey

:brm:Marc-Andre Leblanc @Pandar

:yuk:SkateFast McChunky @The Bread Man

:osl:Kai Abendroth @InciteHysteria

:ssk:Shawn Gretzky

:ott:Pablo @Pablo


The three headed monster than is John Locke, Motherfucker Sharpe as well as solid depth from Pablo has shot Ottawa way up into contention this season. John Locke himself has score 63 goals and assisted on 56 goals for 116 points this season which is just 40 less than 2nd and 3rd put together. Speaking of 2nd and 3rd, those spots are occupied by Motherfucker Sharpe and Fook Yu. Sharpe has scored 36 goals and assisted on 45 goals for 81 points. Fook Yu has been the solid center on that line with 26 goals and 52 assists for 78 points. They have been the most explosive line in the VHLM with Locke doing all the heavy lifting. Pablo is playing on the 2nd line and has provided nice secondary scoring with 4 goals and 35 assists for 39 points. These players are who Ottawa will live and die by in the playoffs.


The Yukon Rush have the same depth that can challenge Ottawa although not as much in the same scoring capacity but still great players nonetheless. Apollo Aho leads the way in Yukon with 32 goals and 44 assists for 76 points while Kirgars is the center on that line and has 36 goals and 38 assists for 74 points. These 5 players are the only ones to break 70 points this season. Another player who is providing nice depth for Yukon is Skatefast McChunky who has scored 14 goals and assisted on 44 goals for 58 points. Unfortunately this will be his last season.


Keeping up with the Canadian focus, we shift to Saskatoon where the Wild should be sending Austin Hickey V who is leading the Wild in scoring with 34 goals and assisting on 30 goals for 64 points. His linemate and center Shawn Gretzky will join him even though he had a slow start to the season after some practice hours weren't added in to his total. Since then though he has put up 24 goals and assisted on 20 goals for 44 points. 


The first overall pick in the past draft will make the all-star team as he is leading Brampton forwards in scoring with 32 goals and 31 assists for 62 points. He isn't putting up crazy numbers like those above him but he is doing a very fine job in my opinion coming into the league as a true rookie and leading his team in forward scoring but only 2 points behind team leader Roman Sokolov.


Kai Abendroth should be the lone representative from a European team that is a forward. He is leading Oslo this season in scoring with 29 goals and 28 assists for 57 points. That is 30 points ahead of the next guy on his team so he should be included as one of the top 12 scorers in the entire VHLM.



:brm:Roman Sokolov @Beketov

:ott:Hudson Abbott @Scooter

:yuk:Dope Fiend @Ninetyfourgoalie

:ssk:Aeschylus Jigglejawns CXXXVII @.sniffuM

:brm:Diego Jokinen @Ahma

:brm:Aleksei Federov @Banackock

:ott:Journeyman @eaglesfan036

:yuk:Teli Briadora @RisingWater


Roman Sokolov, Diego Jokinen and Aleksi Federov should be joining MAL at the all-star game as Brampton has a very nice 3 headed defensive monster which 2nd overall pick Sokolov leads. He leads the defenseman in points with 24 goals and 40 assists for 64 points which actually leads Brampton this season. Diego Jokinen who was acquired from Oslo this past off-season has scored 12 goals and assisted on 35 goals for 47 while Federov isn't too far behind him with 13 goals and 33 assists for 46 points. They form a strong defensive backbone for Brampton who chose to build from the net outwards.


Hudson Abbott burst onto the scene this season and is having a wonderful year with 20 goals and 40 assists for 60 points which trails Sokolov to the lead in defenseman points. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top as it seems those two are battling it out for top defenseman this season. His defenseman partner, Journeyman has been a welcome addition to the blueline as well this season with 9 goals and 34 assists for 43 points. Both play vital roles in Ottawa as they plan to challenge for the cup this season.


Dope Fiend is a veteran of both the VHL and the VHLM. He has been the top defenseman on Yukon with 15 goals and 36 assists for 51 points. His defense partner Teli Briadora is also having a good year as a rookie with 11 goals and 31 assists for 42 points. They form a nice top pairing for Yukon although some more depth on the back end would probably do wonders for them.


Aeschylus Jigglejawns CXXXVII is the lone representative from Sasky this season and is somewhat of a VHLM veteran now. He leads the blue for sasky with 8 goals and 41 assists for 49 points. He is the only defenseman of note in sasky.



:yuk:Chet Manley @GoodLeftUndone

:brm:Markus King @Kendrick

:ssk:Torstein Ironside @DollarAndADream

:ott:Jacob @Higgins

:osl:Vernon Von Axelberry @BobertZ

:brt:Our Lady Of Perpetual Motion @frescoelmo


Chet Manley is leading the VHLM in wins this season and has a record of 31-10-4 with a 0.914 save percentage and a 1.75 G.A.A  to go along with 9 shutouts. He is having a very good year as a second year starter in the VHLM.


Markus King is having a good season wins wise but not as good in a personal stat wise. He has a record of 29-11-5 which is good but he has a 0.890 save percentage which isn't good. However, his 1.60 G.A.A is great same with his 14 shutouts. King has been quoted by saying sometimes he just gets bored out there and doesn't stay focused the whole game when he faces just 5-10 shots a game, sometimes less.


Torstein Ironside has been a strong backbone for Saskatoon with a record of 28-14-2 and a 0.901 save percentage with a league leading 15 shutouts. His 1.86 G.A.A is the highest amongst the goalies with more than 20 wins.


Jacob is having a wonderful season with a record of 23-1-1 with a 0.915 save percentage and a 1.30 G.A.A. He is a front runner for the best goalie trophy in the VHLM. 


Vernon Von Axelberry has been having a great season in the VHLM this year even though his record of 16-26-3 and a 0,907 save percentage. He has faced 1500 shots this season.


OLOPM despite the bad season record wise of 7-38-1 has a save percentage of 0.916 on 1943 shots this season. He even has one shutout this season. He is doing great his year. Plus this color looks very nice.

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