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S53 All-Star Player List


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S53 All-Star Rosters

This seasons All-Star game will be a battle of titans. On one side, @boubabi, the french graphic god, holder of the record for most TPE, and former Stockholm general manager. Opposing him is @gorlab, the ruthless fade thrower from Saskatchewan who is permanently banned from the SHL. These are your All-Star captains!


Below is a list of everyone who initially made it into the draft. Vote here for the last 2 forward and defensemen! Also a quick reminder that any All-Star related point tasks are eligible to doubled this week or next. 



:col: Joel Jarvi
:nya: Diana Maxwell 
:col: AK47
:nya: Unassisted 
:nya: Essian Ravenwing 
:nya: Tom Lincoln
:sea: Pietro Maximoff 
:col: Max von Hohenzollern
:sto: Tyson Kohler 
:col: Alexander Thrower 



:sea: Jeff Hamilton
:hel: Black Velvet 
:nya: Bobby Digital 
:cal: David Hamilton 
:sto: Tobias Klingberg

:sea: Guntis Petenis



:sea: Jakab Holik 
:que: Apollo Skye 
:sto: Rhett DeGrath 
:col: Ilya Kopralkov 

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  • Will changed the title to S53 All-Star Player List

only changes i'd make is taking AK47 off, if he was semi active or welfare i wouldnt care as much but dude hasnt been on in a while. idc if he has 103 points, you take him off cologne where he gets all the playing time in the world then hes obviously not doing good at all. Shouldn't make it over the likes of Myself, Axelsson, Pearchicken the guys who actually are active. especially to not make it on the vote over Asher Donovan who hasnt been on the site in probably 4 or 5 months. idk, It looks good otherwise but I always think the ASG should reward actives over inactives. because like i said even if he claimed welfare weekly i wouldnt give a shit. 


also should put in Lee King Snatch or Fabio Jokinen over David Hamilton and put him in the vote but that shouldnt matter anyway both of those guys are making the ASG but it shouldnt have came to them going to a vote 


put me in BOG

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48 minutes ago, gorlab said:

i think everyone voted based strictly off of the sim index, i know i did... I aint about to pay attention to what players are active or not. 




also hate that i'm gonna have to do boubabi BAD but #TeamGorlab bout to win this ASG.


Piss off scrub

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