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Muller Watch continues


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Shawn Muller has been having a very nice season as a 8th year man in the VHL. When most players start to trail off Muller picked it up last season and is on pace for 97 points this season which would mark the 3 season low after reaching 104 points in his 6th year and 124 points in his 7th year. 97 is still a good number considering that he had a career high of 89 in his 5th year. So that would put him at a career point total 619 points which would put him at a higher point total than Mason Richardson and Jochen Walser and just behind Connor Evans and Mathias Chouinard. What I really want to see though is the amount of point Muller can put up in the playoffs as he sits 36th all time and considering that two of his series might go the distance and that assuming he can get 14 points in 14 games, he would climb to 13th or 14th all time in playoff scoring with just 14 points. Which is pretty good don't you think. Overall it has been a blast playing with Muller throughout his 7 season career and I just really wish i played my 1st season up instead of going back down to the VHLM. Overall, I just know i won't ever make that mistake again.


Currently: 85th in goals | 180th in Assists | 123rd in Points

Pace on season: 68th in goals | 156th in assists | 91st in points



currently: 25th in goals | 63rd in assists | 39th in points

projected: 13th in goals | 29th in assists | 13th in points


for muller

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