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Technically each VHLM team is affiliated in the sim to a VHL team. The only way around it is having a separate sim index..


Yeah I understand this, but each other category for the VHLM (aka the "Farm League, Team and Statistics" section of the Index) has quick links for each VHLM team, like Farm Team Roster or Farm Team Schedule.


Again, not a big deal. I'm just trying to learn how it works around here and it's something I noticed.

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Yeah, I don't even know if the index can actually be edited that freely. We use to have a portal linked to the index which was a lot more customized and it was fed by the indexes and kept career totals and shit. Definitely needs to come back though. 

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I think it is a shell of the parent league's STHS page, so yeah outside of Vasteras, none of those links work.  Shouldn't be too hard to navigate on the root page though.

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