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Claimed:Maximoff Selected Twice For ASG

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Maximoff on two All Star Teams?



After having a red hot year for the Riga Reign, leading his team to another finals appearance, it was time for the Reign to go for a rebuild. Due to that, captain Pietro Maximoff was traded to the Seattle Bears. On the Bears, Maximoff mostly played on the second line, but throughout this period, he kept the scoring lead for the team. Once again Maximoff showed you need more than just high training numbers to be a top performer in the VHL. With his performance, he was once again chosen to be one of the options for the All Star draft.


While the VHL has players that are better options, he knew he had to wait a while for his name was called. All he was hoping for that he would not turn out to be Mister Irrelevant.


So the first 10 names were called out:


With the first overall selection, team Gorlab selects defenseman Jeff Hamilton. Team Boubabi followed the lead by going for a defenseman as wellm they countered the selection by going for Bobby Digital, the player that is represented by the same agency as Gorlab. After the shocking picks, the selections went on and on. In the top 10 the other picks for team Gorlab were Unassisted, Diana Maxwell, Tobias Klingberg and VHL’s current leading scorer: Joel Jarvi (who is rumoured to be a one man line during the game).


Rounding out the picks for team Boubabi were Black Velvet, Tom ‘Swedish Dish Master’ Lincoln, Tyson Kohler and Zach Parechkin. After the first picks were made, it was time for Maximoff to finally be selected. After Gorlab choose to add Essian Ravenwing to his lineup, Boubabi selected the forward. It wasn’t until much later that his name was called out again. ‘even tho he reminds me of RED who I hate we select Pietro Maximoff of the Bears.


The crowd did not know if they were to be shocked or if they had to facepalm. Boubabi immediately replied that he could not make that selection, since he was already on his roster.  Gorlab reacted in shock with a ‘fuck’ and added he better not ended having to draft Max von Hohenzollern as he hated him so much.

So turns out Maximoff was selected twice, but will still only end up playing for team Boubabi, as the selection made by Gorlab was changed into Guntis Petenis. The draft neared the conclusion and there was only one slight problem. Boubabi selected his third goalie to early, leaving just two players on the board for Gorlab to select. Goaltender M.T. Power and his feared nemesis von Hohenzollern. Luckily for Gorlab he still needed a goalie, making sure he would not end with the one player he did not want  on his roster. Max was also happy, as he was sitting in the crowd holding up the following note:


Go Team Boubs!

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