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Regardless of what happens the rest of the season, regardless of who makes the playoffs, regardless of all this being regardless. Jarvi Watch Is On.


You have been warned VHL. Joel Jarvi currently sits at 141 points in 53 games played. With exactly 19 games left to play, Jarvi needs 50 points to surpass a record held for a long long time. That is of course the 190 point single season record set by Scotty Campbell set in Season 5. It's been a long time since somebody came this close for sure. In fact with the exception of Max Molholts 145 points in Season 49 tying him for the final spots, it's been all the way back to Season 35 until we last saw someone crack this list this hard. That was of course Micheal Wozniaks 154 point season. I think there is no doubt right now that with 141 points already, Jarvi will for sure topple the Molholt season and very likely Wozniaks as well. 


On top of his crazy points season, Joel Jarvi is at well over an assist per game pace. If he were to maintain current pace he's set to have another 30 assists in his last 19 games. That would put him first overall in terms of Assist per season with 116. The record is currently held by Patrick Bergvist from Season 20. To even crack the top 25 you'd need an 88 assist season or better, Jarvi sits with 86 already. Even if he doesn't crack first, he's obviously in a good position to get more than 100 assists, something that has not be achieved since all the way back in Season 31. 


At his current pace at over 2.5 points per game Jarvi would statistically hit exactly the 50 points needed to accomplish the feat of number one overall. While it might seem like somehwat of a long shot to maintain that points per game pace, consider that Jarvi has been consistently keeping this pace for well over half the season already. While the possibility of a trade could change something, it isn't like the Cologne Express have played just weak team this season. Cologne has notable wins over several competitors. It's obvious that the young goalies all over the league is a big factor for Jarvi's ability to keep the pace this season, as I think you could say for a lot of players offensively. 

While I think if Jarvi is traded it's probably more likely he finishes under the record, I think it won't be by much even then. I think you could see just a slight enough difference in production from Jarvi, and considering he's only keeping that pace by half a point, a slight adjustment could have him finish with even 188, or 189. Can you imagine the heart break?


The most important thing though is that this story line is awesome. Whether traded or not, I eagerly await every single sim going up for more than just my own team results. Will this happen? We've already seen Jarvi pound out an 8 point sim in the recent make up games since the Jarvi Watch train really started to pick up heavy steam. Every single game pre trade deadline has such a serious impact, especially if Jarvi can explode and have 4+ point games like he's been known too. Splurging on those games before the trade gives him a much better chance of keeping pace post a trade. And with only so many sims left, something has to give here either a record, or a very intriguing late Season 53 storyline.



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