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Verner On Blades Success


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Verner Reinholdt recently spoke on his teams success, him finally getting some offense going and the Blades going all in pre trade deadline to try to push for a championship this season.



Y'know we really believe in that locker room. I think that is a huge difference right now guys say as opposed to earlier in the season. We had some bumpy roads some steps forward some steps back to start the season, but as we rolled on we rolled. We had that big 14 game streak that announced our arrival and now we are on 5 in a row, including beating the top team in Ottawa, and it feels just like it did before. We got the confidence, we know this team is capable. I think having more people involved in the offense helps that. We got the best goalie in the league hands down, Markus Kings stats may not look as great, but how many times has he straight up shut the door completely for us? The goose egg? Gotta be up there. Then you consider the low shot totals he faces because we love to play that possession game. Yeah he's been fantastic. So for us on the offense we know any night if we score 2 or 3 goals we should be able to take any game home with us. Now that we've brought in so many new faces, we got Dexter Lane, Rusty Trombone, even moves for Noffke and Adeline. We did nothing but add, we signaled the sirens that this isn't a one or two team race this season. Yeah I think we all believe once the playoffs get started look out. It's going to be a fun one in the VHLM this season, I'm loving it. 


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