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Locke is pretty good


It's been a big year so far for American forward John Locke who is currently playing with the Ottawa Lynx. After being drafted 3rd overall in the S53 VHL Entry Draft by Stockholm and quickly traded to Quebec City, Locke was eager to spend another season in the minors and prove himself ready to make the jump to the big leagues next season. 


So far Locke has indeed been making a name for himself, currently leading the minor leagues in points, goals, and assists by wide margins. With the recent loss of Skatefast McChunky, a promising Quebec prospect, Locke becomes an even more important part of Quebec's future so you can bet POS GM @Frank is breathing a sigh of relief looking at Locke's impressive numbers. Behind Locke's success in Ottawa is a strong team including some fellow S53 draftees who will quickly go from teammates to rivals at the end of the season, such as Jacob and Motherfucker Sharpe who will be off to Calgary. 


Today it was announced that Locke will be playing for Team Tyler Vassell in the VHLM Top Prospects game where he will join with some familiar faces from Ottawa as well as some rival players to take on the scrubs that are playing for Team Parise. As for the VHL All-Star events: team captains Boubabi and gorlab, along with a real swell third party, completed the draft in the wee hours of the morning the other day. Should be set to be simmed sometime today, which is really quite a miracle and possibly the first time it was on time with the original scheduling since we switched to this new format.


I agree with YEAH's critique of the new all-star format generally, I think we could try out public voting again next season. Especially because I always say I'm going to figure out a better way to format in the BOG but never do. It's somewhat painful going through those posts as I do now, so that is another score for poll format. I think its just hard to get that excited for All-Star games outside of the free TPE though. Maybe we should get rid of the ASG all together and just sim a game in some random ass format each year. For example, we could do one strictly with players named from TV shows featuring players such as Don Draper and John Locke. Good idea right? 


That should about do it for my ASG related point task, it's been real but Frank just made a sig for me as I was writing this so I think I'll go put that in my signature area now. Goodbye and good day! 





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