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VHLM All-star game and skills competition.


The VHL and VHLM all-star game are not looked at as a game for chumps to play, nor is it lightly earned. In order to make it into these games, you need to be playing at a level, or at least near it, that no other players are playing in the league. To be better than 97% of all players in the league is a big accomplishment and this season we season a fairly strong, apparent accomplishment that is being made by a single team. The rosters for the S53 VHLM All-star game was released not too long ago and while a majority of people and fans did not comment on the situation, we hear the the VHLM Scouting site couldn't help but notice their was something abundant about this seasons list. Each team has 7 forwards, 4 goalies and 3 defenseman for a total of 14 players. On the first team, the Brampton Blades make up 5 of the 14 players. On the second team, they make up 2 of the 14 players for a grand total of 7 of the 28 players being represented by the Brampton Blades. But wait, there's more. IF you once again take a look at the first and second team again, you'll notice the Ottawa lynx also have 4 and 4 on their teams for a new grand total of 15 of the 28 players being represented by two teams. If you really want to get into it, 6 players are also from the Yukon Rush pushing the amount up to 21/28, or 75%.


Players Represented by VHLM Teams

:ott: 8 - 28.5%

 :brm:7 - 25%

:yuk: 6 - 21.4%


:vhlm: 21/28 players - 75% total


Let's take a closer look


This shouldn't come as much of a surprise to most people though. For starters, the teams make up the top 3 in the World "conference" in the Victory Hockey League minors. The Lynx are the highest of the mountain and are likely the scariest team heading into the final march for the playoffs. With 51 games played, they've only lost 5 games with a record of 46-2-3. Behind them are the Yukon Rush with a record of 35-11-4 and 74 points and then immediately behind them the Brampton Blades find themselves one point back with a record of 34-11-5.  In the top 15 for offensive points, 5 players are from Ottawa,5 are from Yukon and 3 are from the Brampton Blades.


:brm:Brampton Blades:brm:

The Brampton Blades are having a pretty successful season and have recently found themselves on a bit of the winning side as they've found themselves climbing the standings on the daily. While they've seen strong performances from many of their big guys, offensive forwards aren't necessarily their strong suit. While Marc-Andre Lebland is playing with a high level of play, he actually did not make it to the all-star game as he was unable to attend. Taking the guys spot is newcomer, Rask Rowe. Now, while their forwards are nothing to tell mom about, their defense and goaltending is another story and they're clearly built from the net out. Marcus King takes the pipes for the Brampton Blades, and Aleksei Federov, Diego Jokinen and Roman Sokolov shut things down on the blue line. Each of these guys are very well deserved, VHLM all-stars.


Roman Sokolov (D) -50 GP, 28 goals, 47 assists, 75 points, +30, 56 H, 33 SB

Aleksei Federov (D) - 50 GP, 14 Goals, 40 Assists, 54 Points, +11,  66 H, 38 SB

Diego Jokinen (D) - 50 GP, 13 goals, 40 assists, 53 points, +13, 82 H, 44 SB

Rask Rowe (C) - 50 GP, 6 goals, 14 asissts, 20 points, +0, 208 H, 2 SB

Dexter Lane (D) - 3 GP, 0 goals, 0 assists, 0 points, +1, 3 H, 0 SB

Marcus King (G) - 50GP, 34 Wins, 11 Losses, 5 Overtime Loss, 0.892 Save %, 1.56 GAA, 15 SO

Verner Reinholdt (LW) - 34 GP, 2 Goals, 6 assists, 8 points, +9, 48 H, 3 SB


:yuk:Yukon Rush:yuk:

The Yukon Rush are having a very similar season to the Brampton Blades except for one thing. Their forward depth is a lot stronger than the Blades so they've seen roughly 50 more goals scored on the season than the Blades (but still 50 short of the Ottawa Lynx). The Rush have seen offensive production from pretty much their entire roster, including their depth. The team is led by Apollo Aho for points with 84 through 50 games played and Fredinamijs Krigars for goals with 40 through 50. The team has also seen great defensive play from multiple members and are also one of the biggest hitting teams this season. For goaltending, Ironside is holding down the fort pretty strong and is arguably the 2nd best goalie on the year so far.


Shawn Gretzky (C) - 50 GP, 24 Goals, 22 Asists, 46 Points, +1, 88 H, 

Rudolph Schmeckeldorf (LW) -  48 GP, 11 Goals 24 Asissts, 35 Points, -2, 88 H

Fredibamijs Krigars (C) - 50 GP, 40 Goals, 40 Assists, 80 Points, +60, 32 H, 4 SB

Luca Volkov (D) - 12 GP, 0 Goals, 4 Assists, 4 Points, +22

Lyle Smallwood (D) (was a pity vote to be in all-star game - 0 pts or GP)

Torstein Ironside (G) - 47 GP, 30 Wins, 15 Losses, 2 Overtime losses, .906 Save%, 1.83 GAA, 16 Shut Outs


:ott:Ottawa Lynx:ott:


The Ottawa Lynx are clearly the strongest group of the bunch. Aside from their amazing seasonal record of 46-2-3, they've also outscored 2nd place by roughly 50 goals and are also the only team below 80 goals let in their own net. John Locke leads the team and league in points with 126 through 51 games played (38 more points then 2nd and fellow teammate Motherfucker Sharpe). Despite not getting as many shut outs on the year as his fellow goalies, Jacob has been on fire to as he sports a 25-2-2 record and some of the better numbers in the league. If he managed a higher amount of games played, he'd likely be first in the league for goalies, but that's likely another story for another day. Simply put, the Lynx are on fire and a majority of players listed (like the rest), deserve to be heading to the all-star game.


Pablo (C) - 51 GP, 4 goals, 40 assists, 44 points, +31, 78 H, 3 SB

John Locke (LW) - 51 GP, 64 goals, 62 assists, 126 points, +73, 74 H, 15 SB

Motherfucker Sharpe (RW) - 51 GP,  38 goals, 50 assists, 58 points, +48, 93 H, 13 SB

Hudson Abbott (D) - 51 GP, 23 goals, 45 assists, 68 points, +66, 85 H, 33 SB

Takashi Fujimoto (RW) - 51 GP, 9 goals, 28 assists. 37 points, +57, 63 H, 0 SB

Jon Snow (D) - 12 GP, 0 goals, 1 assists, 1 points, +6, 28 H, 4 SB

Fook Yu (C) - 51 GP, 28 goals, 56 assists, 84 points, +53, 231 H, 8 SB

Jacob (G) - 29 GP, 25 Wins, 2 Losses, 2 Overtime losses, 0.904 Save %, 1.46 GAA, 8 SO


1200 words it says,yep. +12 (double all-star week, Aleksei Federov)


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