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All the hard work is starting to pay off, I got selected to play in my first VHL All-Star game! That is only one little milestone, but every time you get selected to play in a All-Star game, you must have done something right. I´ve had pretty solid year so far, 52 points in 53 games, so I knew getting selected was a possibility when we were getting close and closer to the All-Star weekend, but I must admit that it was still bit of a surprise. Made my day when I got the call to be in the game. 

I was sitting in the bath and browsing my phone when Boubabi called, he said that I will be playing this year! Last year I was involved in the All-Star weekend as a assistant to the coach, mainly just handing out drinks to the guys at the bench.  Not sure why or how I got the job last year, but I guess they give rookies the opportunity to have some kind of a role in the whole event.




Anyways, right after I finished talking with Boubabi, I called my mom and dad immediately, but they were not answering, so I just sent them a text and asked if they can guess who will be playing in the All Star game this year? They guessed my name right after few tries, or well after I got sick and tired of them guessing wrong, but just shows I was not the only one who was bit surprised to be selected. I also offered them a chance to come and see the game live, but they unfortunately cant make the game, but I know they will watch it from TV at home. 


We had few practice sessions in Quebec before everybody head off for few day break due to the All-Star weekend. Me and Skye were the only ones who got selected from Quebec, so we tried naturally to make sure we don´t get injured, but other guys in the team for some reason were not holding back at all, for example they refused to open the bench door for me when I was getting off the ice, so I had to climb over the boards. That is just a cold way to treat a player who is representing the team in a All-Star game. I could have pulled out something and get seriously hurt when trying to climb over, but luckily nothing happened.


Skye got the same treatment, some jokester mixed apple juice into his water. Skye hates apple juice, so he was not pleased. He automatically went after our backup goalie Edwin, who pretty much everybody thought to be behind the little prank. Skye tried to hit Edwin, but missed and hit the boards instead, but luckily no serious injuries. Edwin got a good laugh though, but still stunts like these makes you wonder, is this what it´s like to be a All-Star player in VHL?

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1 minute ago, Ahma said:

He is a God compared to us mere lowly humans

Shame he does not play anymore, but luckily we still have all those pictures of him available in the internet that will bring light to our grey lives!

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2 minutes ago, jRuutu said:

Shame he does not play anymore, but luckily we still have all those pictures of him available in the internet that will bring light to our grey lives!


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