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Some news for 1 TPE


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1. Let the Hedge Reign begin! (S53-present) Not a bad for a guy who was just a welfare collecting machine two years ago.

2. I already got some offers about my players. Couple of trades are coming up probably. 

3. Talking about the future: I think we will start compete in S55. We already have promising youth, like Krīgars and Leblanc + Dotran, who will be a reliable defenceman. Also, I have a S54 first, which gives me a quality youth already and I hope I'll find a second round steal as well. 

4. Although I stepped down from Bratislava, I put two players to the trade block yesterday. It's not a good thing when an active player ( @Tyler ) is gonna sit in a bad team, so here we are. The other problem is nobody reached out to me yet, which makes me sad. Helloooo VHLM GM's, I have an active player, step your game up gahdammit! 

5. Coming back to Riga. There were talks in the past that this team needs to be relocated. Maybe this is gonna happen in the future, but not under my tenure because of well-known reasons. 



1 TPE goes to Petenis

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