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The VHL all-star day is always a prestigious time during each regular season. For starters, it's a time where a majority of those who aren't selected get a much needed day of rest and allow themselves to visit family, friends or their comfy couches. For a select few, it's almost a privilege and honor. If you are one of the very few who are selected to play on this day, it means you're either doing something right or bending over backwards for the right GM. The S53 VHL and VHLM all-star games have gotten underway for the season and like a majority of years, is focused heavily on by the media, fans and those involved in the game. This year, we see teams Boubabi and Gorlab go head to head in the VHL all-star game to see which group of players can say they "bested" the best. Of the 20 players and 6 goalies, a majority of VHL organizations got to see a player represented at the VHL all-star game, however, some were more fortunate than others. For the Seattle Bears? They were represented by 6 of their own players in Filipe Rodriguez, Jeff Hamilton, Guntis Petenis, Zack Parechkin, Pietro Maximoff and Jakab Holik. Each of these players have had fairly strong seasons. Some had started off hot, simmering down later on. Some have continued a consistent pace a majority of the way through the regular season. Either way, all of these players are well deserved VHL all-stars and will likely play some big games for the respected teams during the match up.


The Seattle Bears are currently sitting in first place in the league with a record of 49-9-2. They've scored the 3rd most goals, let in the least amount of goals, and are 1st in the league for their power play and penalty kill. When looking at their roster, their statistics and on-ice play, it's easy to see why the Bears have had such a strong season. Each of the players who were selected to represent the Bears at the game have played a huge role in the Bears success, while they also seen play from a couple others who easily could have went to the games as well (Sven Wolf, Bogdan Podarok). For those who did make it, let's take a closer look under the microscope and give quick reasons as to why each player got chosen for the games.


Jeff Hamilton



We started off with Jeff Hamilton for pretty good reason. He's arguably one of the best defenseman to ever play the game. Call it Bear biased, but we call it the truth. The guy is legendary and while his statistics and cup winnings may not exactly show or back that up, we like to think his character, loyalty and how he plays on the ice and in the locker room does. Hamilton decided to come back for a reunion tour with the Bears prior to hanging up the skates and hasn't done too bad of a job while repping the Bears jersey one last time. He's played a pretty well balanced game offensively and defensively this season and it's one of the reasons he's in the games.


53 Games Played - 22 goals, 51 assists, 73 points,  +44, 67 H, 77 SB


Pietro Maximoff



Pietro Maxmioff was acquired this season by the Bears and was looking to continue his previous season's play during S53. Safe to say. S53 started pit that exact way. Pietro was ocne again tearing up the league and destroying everything in his path. Multiple 4 and 5 point nights, the team really depended on him to bring in the points and wins. While things have slowed down and his point total may not be what it was after S52, his year is still going strong and you will easily see him eclipse 100 points and likely 50 goals this season.


53 games played - 37 goals, 52 assists, 89 points, +37, 37 H, 53 SB


Filipe Rodriguez



This one is one of the best to see because it's so deserving on so many levels. Rodriguez made a switch from defenseman to forward (center) in the off-season to help out his team. Displaying huge loyalty, sacrifice and commitment to winning, that's almost enough for some sort of recognition. Following that bold and courageous move, he's managed to put up some pretty damn good points while also being able to lay the body around the ice big time. Rodriguez is the 3rd biggest hitter on the team and also sits 3rd for points and goals.


53 games played, 33 goals, 42 assists, 75 points, +28, 183 H, 28 SB


Zack Parechkin



This is a name you see again and again in the VHL all-star games every season. Parechkin has been one of the most dominant players in the last 8 seasons and has spent it with the Toronto Legion hoisting cups, individual awards and really making a legendary name for himself that no one will forget. During the off-season, he was moved to the Seattle Bears and while his play may not be quite what it was in Toronto, he's still turning heads, wrecking people on ice and being a huge players on the offensive statistics sheet. One of the more physical players in the league, and a forward to match, it's safe to say Parechkin won't just be killing people with goals in the game.


53 games played, 32 goals, 41 assists, 73 points, +41, 250 H, 28 SB


Jakab Holik



One of the toughest, if not toughest, position to play and Holik generally makes it look pretty damn easy every single night. Holik has been one of the biggest players to the Bears for seasons and seasons and while it's not surprise that he's representing the Bears, he extremely deserving of the award and isn't some light award handed out in potentially some other goalie cases due to the lack of skill tendy's. Holik sits 3rd for Sv%, 1st for GAA, 1st for minutes played, 2nd for shut outs and 1st for wins overall with currently 42 on the year. When looking at the stats, he's arguably the best goalie in the league right now.


53 games played, 42 wins, 9 losses, 2 overtime losses, .925 SV%, 1.64 GAA and 9 Shut outs


Guntis Petenis



Drafted by the Bears and ever since has been a loyal, big player on their blue line - Guntis Petenis has officially made his way into an all-star game and like the others, is pretty damn deserving. While he isn't known for his offensive play and isn't in the top 10 for points among defenseman, Petenis brings a shut down style of game to the Bears each and every night and is also 2nd on the team for laying out the hits. With 33 points on the season through the 53 games, he isn't too poor on the offensive side either and still manages to chip in every 2nd game or so.


53 games played, 6 goals, 27 assists, 33 points, +46, 208 H, 68 SB


4 Wolf (+12)

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