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:nya: Receives: S47 C - Joel Jarvi 

:col: Receives: S47 C - Sir William Covington III



JARVI WATCH 2017 NYA HISTORY! Actually technically @BobertZ has a No Trade Clause, and since I'm only half serious about this trade I figure why the fuck not have some fun VHL? New York has been a great cocaine home for SWC but perhaps the Germans need to feel his wrath? That decision I'm going to leave entirely up to him. Technically I think SWC might be a bit better in terms of attributes in the sim, I don't know tough to judge, but I don't care. This is JarviWatch, this is VHL Season 53 and I can't afford to keep Robbie next season + he's a FA and Jarvi is retired. So whatever. WHAT WILL HAPPEN, ONLY COCAINE WILL TELL THE STORY!


I accept. 




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1 minute ago, gregreg said:

Me probably but I don't care. I've done enough favors for people in this league. 


Honestly this trade, the Helsinki ramifications of it, and leaving it in the hands of Robbie just all felt too fitting.


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4 minutes ago, Advantage said:

I will say..I dont see why robbie would leave but this is funny.  I think it still hurts the record chances if this 

Does happen

Well I'd only consider this because I would be instantly swapped to Helsinki. But what is my decision? I have no idea. Keep waiting boys!

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