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Claimed:Axekberry prepares for Prospects game


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Vernon Von Axelberry might be playing on a horrible team this season and seeing that he was not traded at the trade deadline. He will play out the rest of the season on Oslo. A team that will make the playoffs only because only one team misses the playoffs and no one is worse than Bern. Even with playing on a team that has almost no shot at winning the cup this season let alone a game. Somehow someway Axelberry has managed to keep his save percentage above .900 all season long. He sits at .906 with 51 games played.


His GAA might be a shitty 3.28 but that is because he has faced almost 1800 shots in 51 games (just 8 shy) which is an average of 35 shots a game. Which seems low enough for him to have a better GAA, but that average is helped by for every game he faces 50+ shots and sometimes 60+ shots he plays the bad teams that only get 5-20 shots on him.


Next up is Axelberry’s eye popping 6 shutouts playing for a team that has 17 wins. Which equates to roughly 36% of the teams wins have come by the means of a shutout. Which is a mind-blowing stat if you think about it. He plays for the 3rd worst defensive team in the league a team that has allowed roughly 1800 shots on him all season long but yet he managed to get 6 shutouts. 6 shutouts and 17wins for a team that looked like it was headed for the shitter this season. A team that hoped to beat out Bern for the worst in the league.


Fast forward to now, Axelberry has them in a playoff spot with zero chance of not making the playoffs (mostly because Bern really sucks) and now Axelberry will have the pleasure of playing in the VHLM top prospects game. In hopes that he can keep up his strong play and in hopes that he can help his draft stock by proving that he can be a team’s goalie of the future.


Truth is that even though his player agent is Robbie Zimmers, Axelberry has not asked for a trade, has not demanded one and actually told the Oslo Gm that if he cannot find a good trade then don’t make it all. He is more than happy in Oslo and finishing the season in Oslo this season. Why? Because he knows he will get his second VHLM title next season with Bern, or if they are moved then Las Vegas or New York. Robbie has promised him that in the offseason, most likely at the draft he will swing the trade for him so his team will have the best goalie in the league.


But till then Axelberry will finish his season in Oslo and wait to be drafted to the VHL. Prospective VHL teams will get a great view of the type of goalie he is at the VHLM prospects game. Who knows how it will go but if Axelberry keeps up his attitude and solid play he may go pretty high in the draft.

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