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Yukon goes all in


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In an effort to give my Yukon Rush the best chance at winning this season, and to add some active players to the team, I've traded all draft picks that I have to acquire several players from the Saskatoon Wild. The Wild were in fourth place in the standings, and possibly had an outside shot at winning the cup. As things stood, the Rush were also somewhat of long-shots to win despite being in second place. The Ottawa Lynx just seemed too good.


The trade is one I had tried to make throughout the off-season and the early into the season, although not quite this large but rather for just a couple players. I also wasn't planning to trade all of my picks in the deal. The idea behind the move is to win the cup this season, and worry about bringing the team back to being competitive for later.


The trade isn't unlike what we've seen in the VHLM before. However, usually teams will trade away all of their picks or all their players over the course of several trades. It just so happened that here it was all done in one deal.


for Maxwell

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