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in lieu of the new update scale, I'm less motivated to work hard with mist4ke


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Okay, so I guess I was never exactly planning to go all out with mist4ke, but now that the update scale is harsher at the high end, a lower TPE build will be affected less than a high TPE build. Trying to get past the 90 point mark in an attribute will probably not be worth it for me, so I most likely won't. Sure, I may never be the "best goalie," (but also I still may be for a season or two), but it just doesn't feel worth it to try to TPE whore a goalie with the new update scale.


That is specifically for goalies, though. I'll still be trying to earn as much TPE as I can for Maxwell. With goalies, the builds are a little more straightforward and differing playstyles you get by adding to different goalie attributes won't show up in the sim. With skaters, it does matter more. The harsher update scale could still turn some people away from trying to earn massive amounts of TPE, because of how much they will lose from depreciation, but I suppose that may be what ends up separating the good from the great.


for mist4ke

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2 hours ago, punkhippie said:


@Beketov says hi



I'm sure there must be SOME worse than me though. I still hit okay TPE numbers for that time and I still won a cup. Worst season after a draft though, easily me.

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