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Claimed:The ASG, yay!

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Here we go again, where I can find 500 words for 12 TPE? I wish I had graphic skills...





*The All-Star game is about to start! Petenis is standing somewhere left.*



Honestly, I was slightly surprised when I saw Guntis Petenis' name on the All-Star list. I didn't even had to wait for the ''final two'' vote, he made the list without any problems, despite lack of points. I guess his physical presence was good enough to AS committee, but also I think my activity played a big part on their decision. I suppose there were better options than Petenis, but they were inactive, like Lahey and LSP. The only inactives in ASG were AK47 (112 points in 54 games now) and David Hamilton (56 points in 55 games). Probably the activity thing was the reason why we saw such a young goalies, like M.T. Power and Astrid Moon (this is how I understood that decision, @Streetlite). So Gunča made the ASG and that's the second time my players managed to do that. Last time, Zeptenbergs had a rough time with -4 rating, but what about Petenis?




0 points; +1 ratio ; 2 shots; 3 hits




Much better, isn't it? By the way, he was drafted 17th by @gorlab with an interesting reason:


On 3/2/2017 at 8:00 AM, gorlab said:

Guntis Petenis :teambannedfromSHL:



Shit is real lmao. Also, that's not the first time when we're teammates. I shared same LR with him in the Lumberjacks (GOMHL) and now I'm his teammate in the Rail (SBA). Although his player, Bobby Digital was actually drafted by Boubabi, his opponent, so I'm kinda lying now.




The experience was more positive, because we won that game 7-5. Not an usual score for the ASG, only 12 goals. Moreso, before third period started teams were tied 1-1(!) and only in last 20 minutes players finally realized this is not playoffs. Much ''thanks'' to our young goalies who allowed 10 goals out of 12 total goals. Other than that, a fine experience for a guy who is about to reach the elite level.



*Krīgars is trying...*


Petenis is not the only guy who made it into the All-Star game. The VHLM actually has it's own ASG and I thought Fredinamijs Krīgars would be in without problems...until I saw the list. The list was pretty much weird. I tried my best to see his name on that list, but I realized that Freddy was forgotten. I also saw some weird names on it, like Fuck D. World and Verner Reiholdt - these are the guys who started their career like a week ago. The activity and giving young players a chance argument was valid, but Fredinamijs isn't an old face as well. So after that, I started to make a ''storm'' in that thread and shortly after that, @Smarch put Krīgars to that list. Justice has been served!

I don't know how he's going to perform, but his stats (83 points in 52 games) gives me a hope he won't fail. By the way, I think my players never performed in VHLM ASG; I remember the juniors had like the ''young star game'', where all first-year players showcased their skills in a match and I believe Zeptenbergs was in one of that matches as well. But I'm pretty sure my players never made it into ASG (I think VHLM All-Star game was a rare thing anyway) so...let's go, the future of the Riga Reign! (not really, @Pandar is more legit hah)


That's it and I'm out.



12 TPE goes to Krīgars.


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