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(S55) D - Felix Savard


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Hi @Frank


Someone  will offer you a contract here. We have a pretty full roster in Brampton but no Frank, so I think we need to pick one up.


I have 1.5 million left to spend on you free agent fuckers so you can take that if you want


@JardyB10 @Streetlite @Scooter @TheLastOlympian07 @BobertZ

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I love smarch like I'd let him do things to me that would make some people cringe. But I don't want to wither away on Brampton. 


I accept @JardyB10 offer as long as he throws in a breakfast at Dennys and some canadian tire money. 

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27 minutes ago, Scooter said:

Oslo will offer $2,000,000 for the season if Frank wants to come here.


What I really meant to say was Oslo was my preferred choice all along and I graciously accept this offer. 

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