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Axelsson Continues to Show Physical Prowess


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In Theo Axelsson’s career thus far, he’s become known for being one of the most physical players in the league.  He’s totalled nearly a thousand hits in the first three years of his career, which would put him on track to be one of the VHL’s most proficient hitters of all time.  He’s continued that trend this year with an impressive 311 hits, which currently places him at first in the league by a decent margin.  

But can his point total keep up?  So far, the Swede is having a career year (75 points in 56 games compared to 80 points last season), but that’s still significantly behind the other forwards in the league.  It would certainly be a feather in his cap to pass the 100-point mark in S53 - 25 points in the next 16 games isn’t completely out of the question.  But he’s really going to need to pick up the scoring come playoff time if he wants to help the Titans to playoff success.

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