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So you want to be a VHL All-Star eh?


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So you want to be a VHL All-Star eh? Well no one knows better than Phil Knight about how to get you on that level. This is no genetics vs environment bs. This is a solid workout regime that is bound to give you the physical strength, conditioning, and endurance to perform at the top of your game and get you to that elite level.


Phil Knight is a personal trainer, Board of Governor member, a Global Moderator for the VHL community, a player agent that has sent everyone one of his clients to an all-star game and gotten at least one Continental Cup with, and a Hall of Fame Inductee for Builder. This guy has done it all, and his proven track record speaks volumes about his knowledge on the subject. If you want to be in an all-star game, then follow his advice and don’t cut corners, but as Phil would say “having fun is mandatory.”


“What I have noticed with all the biggest stars of, well not just the VHL, but the NHL, NBA, and so on, is that they best of the best, the cream of the crop, are always jokers. They are always having fun out there… and that is paramount for their success. They know when to be serious and when to joke around. Something as small as a terrible joke can take your mind off the pressures of the game and along you to not think too much about what you are doing. Look at Joel Jarvi this season – the guy has no pressure – he knows he’s not going to win a cup this season – and he’s on pace to break the un-breakable Scotty Campbell record. No pressure, no overthinking, better performance.”


But Phil doesn’t just suggest being a goof. He has advice that is more serious. Like the timing of your workouts.


“Of course you need to train hard. You can have all the talent in the world but if your fitness levels are sub-par, you ain’t getting to an All-Star game. A lot of people ask me when the best time of day to train is, and I always tell them the same thing – this is from experience and research studies: Whenever you have the most energy, whatever time feels best for you. Some love training in the early morning, as it energizes them for the day. I will personally die if I do that. My sweet spot is 1-4pm. Everyone is different, but if you want the most out of your workouts, go at a time that works best for you.”


Phil also has an interesting perspective on type of train.


“Yea, of course the type of training matters. How doing one-rep max deadlifts everyday going to help Diana Maxwell become better at shooting the puck? Or doing heavy sets of chest press going to help Holik control his rebounds better? These hockey players have specific skill sets they need to be working on. If Maxwell needs to increase power in her slapshot? Then let’s get her doing some power-related side bends. Let’s strengthen her obliques, shoulders, and legs using a lift timing that looks something like a 3-1-0. Explosiveness. That’s the key.”



This is but a sample of the knowledge imparted on us by Phil and knowledge that he uses to build great hockey players. If you want to be an all-star in this league, then use Phil’s advice and train like one. 

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