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Claimed:Some Gained and Some Didn't


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Some Gained and Some Didn't 



With much of the S53 season over now at this point, VHLM was able to host its All Star Game where some of the best prospects in the coming S54 VHL draft were to be showcased. With this one game, we got a chance to see some of the best prospects face off against one another and some players at the game certainly made some gains in scouting reports  while others seemed to have underachieved. Here are some of the players that had some interesting performances to note.



Torstein Ironside - G

Initial Scouting Rank: 6

One of the biggest showcase gainers this season has been Ironside and at the All Star Game, he had some more eyes turn to his performance. Initially ranked 6th in the preliminary list, Ironside has made impressive progress thus far that could see him in the top 3 picks of the entry draft. Starting with an excellent season in Saskatoon before being traded to Yukon, Ironside has posted 3 consecutive shutouts since joining Yukon. He also put in an amazing performance at the All Star Game, being the only goalie that wasn’t scored on during the event as Team Vassell won the ASG game 9-7. The battle of goaltenders has become a 3 headed fight between King, Ironside and Axelberry.



Aleksei Federov - D

Initial Scouting Rank: 3

A huge game by Federov has solidified Federo’v in the top 10 of the draft and now he looks to crown his progression with shot at being the 1st overall pick of the S54 VHL draft. With 3 points in the all star game, to go along with 4 blocks, Federov showed his commanding presence in the blueline that teams will be coveting come draft time along with his ability to play at both ends of the rink. The top ranked defender here could potentially be picked with the first overall pick due to the lack of star power in the defensive pool for the draft.



Hudson Abbott – D

Initial Scouting Rank: 7

Another defenseman that made the All Star Game and had a very good showing. Abbott proved that his initial ranking might be a bit low. A swift skating two way defenseman, Abbott picked up 2 assists and was a even plus/minus in the ASG as he showcased his offensive skillset. While he would’ve liked to have a goal I’m sure, nonetheless he exhibited poise and confidence in the offensive zone as well as a great outlet pass from their own zone. With an outside chance, Abbott has shown the world that he has the potential to be a cornerstone for any franchise in the VHL.



Rudolph Schmeckeldorf – LW

Initial Scouting Rank: 9

Probably the best skater in the entry draft, Schmeck’s game has been labelled as a quick strike offensive catalyst. Fast and agile and possessing great passing vision, Schmeckeldorf was been underachieving for the most part this season by most accounts. With not even a point per game, pundits were hoping that the all star game would be a chance for him to show off his highly touted skillset but sadly, this showing also was underwhelming to say the least. He had a goal to show for his efforts and 3 shots, but sadly didn’t seem to find any chemistry with his linemates Gretzky and World. A strong playoff run will be needed for him in order to rise in the rankings.





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