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Verner Gets Hat Trick In VHLM All Star Game


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Verner Reinholdt knew he was lucky to be included in the VHLM All Star game. A game in which the commissioners of the league decided to select their own participants, and how well a player was doing as of the exact moment of the ASG didn't seem to factor too much into the selection process. No instead they chose promising prospects and players who make up much of the next VHL draft class, as well as anyone who is still grinding away hard practice hours trying to make it out of the VHLM. Verner spoke on the event to media following the 9-7 affair, in which Verners Team Zach Parise lost. 



Y'know it was fun to be out there with all the young whipper snappers if you will. I had a blast, I saw the puck well that game to and was happy to see some fan fare after I scored a hat trick. I even got to meet a couple of people who saw me play overseas in some of the minor leagues. Even when you stay under the radar always going to have some fans around. The boys all seemed to enjoy it too, I have to wonder if maybe they let me have that one y'know, it was the all star game. 

But gotta back to into the grind of the season. We have big games coming up, lots of them against league leading Ottawa and we know we can beat them. We are confident we can beat anyone. So it was a nice distraction but now we'll get back to prepping for the playoffs and what will hopefully be a long run here. 


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