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I should be writing about something relevant... like the impending OD that @BobertZ will suffer. Or the fact that @Will is finally going to out @Higgins as his little brother. But I'm not. I would much rather spend time speculating that @Smarch is going to take control of the league with a little boost from @sterling and @JardyB10. Or that @gregreg will mount a mutiny and somehow manage to wipe @scotty from the face of the VHL. But I doubt that. 


What I really should be talking about is the state of the league. The Americans have done a piss-poor job of beating Seattle to the Victory Cup. Making them, well, not victorious. 


What I really should be discussing is the fact that I have been doing Point Tasks but not updating. Does that make me inactive? Pretty sure I haven't updated all season. Which means that when I do it for the playoffs (maybe... lol @Devise), it's gonna be a hell of a bitch to find all the TP earningz. Oh well. At least Shankly's doing decently on the second line. No real complaints... but that's because I'm inactive remember. 


The point is where's @eaglesfan036? He should be here. College knocking him down? 

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