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Some pretty good sigs


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Would have posted this in my retirement thread or something but I guess I never did one. I think this every Koponen sig I ever wore, thanks again to all of you fine graphical minds! 


Maybe we should vote for the best one by posting a number between 1 and 10 and give the winner a fat stack of 1 TPE. Accepting entries for the Locke competition until S60! 


CaCVBIx.png -- @701

jPF8jhr.png -- @Frank

YU2s66x.png -- @STZ

Db5H39Y.png -- @Paramorise

O9ZZmeP.png -- @gorlab

frAeqF5.png -- @gorlab

DYVwfaX.png -- @Frank

Koponen_zpss5s6leov.png -- @gregreg

UNQO1Aw.png -- @Mr.Baller

EmvC589.png -- @Wasty


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I don't like it would have been better than this but I could have sworn I made you one at some point? Maybe I'm wrong though.

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