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Four-time Founder's Cup champions


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Four-Time Founder's Cup Champions


To be a four-time champion in the VHLM isn't necessarily the greatest accomplishment, simply because it means playing in the VHLM for several seasons. Given the nature of the players who might accomplish such a feat, it is little more than an insignificant piece of trivia with no real merit attached to it. Yet it still is not common to see, with only two players have won four Founder's Cups over the course of over fifty seasons. They were both second round VHL draft picks, but neither of them ever made it past the VHLM. Their time in the VHLM never overlapped, with over 20 seasons separating Player A's fourth championship and Player 2's first. Their names really aren't worth mentioning, so I'll just call them Player A and Player 2.


Player A won his first Founder's Cup with the Vasteras IK J20, and was drafted by the Toronto Legion in the following off-season. He won back-to-back championships with the same team, securing an Esposito Trophy for his troubles as well. His fourth and final championship was won with another Swedish team


Alright so this was going to be a media spot, but I don't quite think it would work as one. So instead it's just going here. I've given enough clues for Player A that you should be able to figure that one out. Now for Player 2: played in the S40's and he shares a name with a goalie who was in the S5 VHL draft.



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