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Upcoming Career Milestones

We have just a handful of games before the regular season is over, and in that time, several players could reach personal milestones in their respective careers. For some of these players, this is the end of their careers, so it will be their final chance. Sure, reaching another x00 milestone doesn't have much significance in itself (703 points is still just five more points than 698 points, after all), but it's still worth noting in a meaningless article. That being said, here are some players who are potentially going to reach another milestone in their careers before season's end.



Assists: Joel Jarvi (400); Black Velvet (400)

@gregreg @Higgins

The retiring Joel Jarvi is having a career year, leading the league with 94 assists. Before being traded to the New York Americans, there was potential for Jarvi to break Patrick Bergqvist's single-season assist record, but that's no longer in the cards. With eight games remaining, Jarvi is five assists away from reaching 400. Jarvi will be retiring in the off-season, so this is his last chance to add to his career stats. In the eight games he has played with New York so far, he has seven assists, so if he can replicate that over the next eight, he will make it.


Black Velvet is not quite as likely to reach the mark this season, as he needs 14 assists in seven games, but with a strong end to the season he could make it happen. Even if he doesn't reach it this season, he'll back back again to certainly pass it next season. With potentially two seasons left to play, Velvet could very possibly reach 500 assists before his career is over. Velvet will be the active assists leader after the impending retirements of Jeff Hamilton, Zach Parechkin, and Jarvi.



Goals: Unassisted (300); Bogdan Podarok (200)

@STZ @The Bread Man

Playing in his sixth season, Unassisted has averaged nearly 50 goals per season. It's unlikely that he'll quite be at that mark when the season ends, as he'll need eight goals in his final eight games. He currently has the third most goals and points among active players, trailing Parechkin and teammate Tom Lincoln in both categories. Unassisted has an outside shot at reaching 400 goals and 900 points in his career.


Bogdan Podarok is retiring a bit prematurely, as he'll be done after this season. He'll almost definitely eclipse 200 goals. He is leading the Bears with 46 goals this season, which puts him at 199 for his career. For Podarok, it's not so much a matter of will he, but rather when will he reach 200 goals.



Unassisted is good at hockeyball.


300 Points: AK47, Diana Maxwell, Travis Gowecny, Theo Axelsson

@701 @Streetlite @eaglesfan036 @solas

This quartet of fourth-year players are all looking at reaching the 300 point milestone in the final days of the season. AK47 and Diana Maxwell essentially have it on lock, needing two and three points respectively, meaning it could happen in just about any game. By the end of the season, AK47 will have almost doubled his point total, which was 167 after his first three seasons. Travis Gowecny and Theo Axelsson were teammates in Calgary for three seasons before being traded to different teams this past off-season. Gowecny currently has 293 points in his career, while Axelsson is 15 away from 300. If I were to wager a guess, I'd say Axelsson is the only one of these four who doesn't reach 300 by the end of S53.



Other Noteworthy Numbers

@gorlab @DollarAndADream

I'm definitely not the first to make note of this, but Bobby Digital has 65 assists and zero goals this season. Since S18, no player has had this many assists in a single season without scoring a goal. Furthermore, only one player in the history of the VHL (among those who have at least one goal) has a higher percentage of their point total as assists. That one player is Todd Rohloff, whose 26 assists account for 96.3% of his points. In his career, Digital has 12 goals and 211 assists, meaning 94.62% of his points have been assists.


And to close things off, congratulations are in order to Zach Parechkin, who this season became the new career leader in hits. He started the season in seventh with 2419, needing 274 to pass David Smalling. He reached that mark in Game 287 against the Riga Reign, with Sterling Archer being the recipient of the record-breaking blow. He is currently at 2738 hits for his career with seven games left to add to that number.



Zach Parechkin is pretty good too.

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Nice article!


It's a little funny. Setting a record for hits was never even a goal, but Parechkin kind of just turned into that kind of player. Once I saw him hitting all the time, I made sure Checking was always high after depreciation.

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3 hours ago, DollarAndADream said:

Nice article!


It's a little funny. Setting a record for hits was never even a goal, but Parechkin kind of just turned into that kind of player. Once I saw him hitting all the time, I made sure Checking was always high after depreciation.

don't get used to it, Axelsson's coming for that hits record ;)

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