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The journey to the VHL is a difficult one for some of the youth in Europe. Coming out of the Ukraine, it is not a common theme for stars to rise from that specific part of Europe. One 18-year-old Ukrainian has been making strides in their junior program and looks towards the big stage. The name of this player? 



Travis Boychuk




Born in the Ukraine, Boychuk has been playing hockey since he was a child. He looks to build a stronger reputation for his country in the big leagues. Growing up, he watched plenty of hockey at home and always heard about the big names from his country. Those names being the likes of Anton Babchuk and Nikolay Zherdev. He looks to be placed alongside his countrymen as one of the greats out of the Ukraine.
Through the junior ranks, Boychuk led his team in scoring, being one of the fastest on his team and a reliable centerman. He tried to build his game around his idol Nikolay Zherdev, and had a knack for the faceoff dot as well. His coaches have always said that he is one of the best skaters in his league, with very powerful strides. This young man has a major asset in vision also. He will spot his teammates up the ice and through sticks with great patience. Even more so, he is a mainstay on the junior team's power play. Constantly floating around in the open areas ready to retreive and release the puck for a scoring chance.
After this year being his last in junior, Travis Boychuk has his sights set on the pro ranks. He is currently eligible to be claimed by a VHLM club and awaiting the offers. Multiple scouts truly believe his skills will translate to the VHL after some steps in the minors. After all, the VHL is a different kind of game with bigger bodies. Boychuk has bounced around the forward positions over the years, but in this past year he played the full season in the center position. Boychuk has a strong hand off the faceoff dot and seems to excel in the middle of the ice, spotting his partners up the ice. 
Being one of the biggest prospects out of the Ukraine in a long time, he hopes to continue to flourish up the ranks. He still believes there is much to his game to build and wants to make a name for himself in the VHLM. Rumors have it that he already has a claim on him right off the bat. 
Travis Boychuk is a winner. He goes on the ice to win the game, and he simply just finds the puck. Always propped into the open areas of the ice, he seems to find his wingers with ease. Without a doubt, he is a Ukrainian stud. Travis is excited to find his place on a new team and be a leader on the ice. 
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Great article, but this seems to be basically your biography.. Y not put it into the biography (add ur pros and cons) and grab the max 10 TPE, and then do a different article for a media spot.. That is just my suggestion, but its up to u

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Content: 3/3 - Welcome to the VHL! You will most certainly find a home and carve a name for yourself in the storied history of the league if you keep up the good work.
Grammar: 2/2 - Pretty good for the most part, well done.
faceoff = face-off
retreive = retrieve
Appearance: /1 - 
Overall: 6/6 - Hey, I am from Ukraine. The Ukraine is not weak. Ukraine is game to you?!
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