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Jon Snow's First Weeks in The League


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Jon Snow, The New Man In Ottawa


Jon Snow joined the VHLM with the Ottawa Lynx 23 games ago. He has held his own in the league so far being one of the weaker members on the team. His first game played was against Oslo and he played 24 minutes of ice time and delivered a big hit to send a message to the league, Jon Snow is here. After 23 games, Snow hasn't made a massive impact on his current squad, but he does play significant amounts of ice-time and is starting to play more aggressively than was expected. Snow seems a tad uncomfortable with his new team but this is to be expected with any new player that decides to make the jump to a professional league.

On The Board


Jon's point totals have been, lackluster. He himself considers his performances, bland. That being said, it's hard to come into the league from such a remote area and be the small fish in the big pond. He was always used to being the leader, where now he needs to learn to lead again. 5 points in 23 games, all of them being assists, is what Snow has contributed to his team. He only averages one shot per game which isn't something Snow is used to. Based on those numbers alone it is clear he still has work he needs to get done. Continuously he is practicing his shot and puck control and wants to make sure he has these things ready for the crunch time games. He continues to train hard, but knows he needs to contribute a bit more if he wants to continue to excel in this league and one day make it to the VHL.


Looking Forward


Snow is continuously training hard. He knows what he needs to do to become a great leader again, but it all comes down to actually doing it. He trains vigorously, practicing every chance he gets and continues to grow in the more defensive aspects of his game. That is his positive right now, he is playing solid defensively. He has had a few hickups, but is a plus 10 in his career right now. He is also becoming an aggressive player, 41 hits in 23 games. He is learning from his D partner Hudson Abbott who is doing exceptionally well this season and hopes to continue to gain experience by his side. Everyone on the team has been extremely helpful towards Snow and he is really enjoying his time here in Ottawa. He is eyeing towards next season and hoping he can continue to make his mark and start to become that impact player he used to be in Alaska.        

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