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Just wanted to take this opportunity to share something that many might not think about so often. As you maybe know, I´m quite high in the shot blocking category at the moment. It´s not all good though, both goalies we have here in Quebec are starting to get bit annoyed at me, their save percentage takes a hit when I´m on the ice and it´s not because I cant play D that well, or ok, it´s because I cant play D that well, but I also block quite few shots each game. Their saving percentage could be higher if I would not put my modeling career in risk every night and block so many shots. 


It´s understandable, if you as a goalie don´t get so many shots and for some reason let in few, someone blocking five or more shots will have a direct effect on your saving percentage. That is the reason why I cant for example stand in front of the net for long periods of time anymore, Apollo or Edwin will slash me behind my knees or push me out of the way. What they might not know, when I fall down from getting slashed or pushed, I quite often also block a shot. 


Lesson of this story? There is none, have a nice day!




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