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It's back! The VHLM All-Star game made a surprise return for Season 53 with @Smarch setting up the two team rosters with some of most active players in the minor league. Actually to say 'it's back' may be a bit of a stretch because I don't recall there ever being a VHLM All-Star game. In the past we've had the top prospects game, which was usually comprised of players that were slated to be drafted in the upcoming draft. A few seasons ago I put a different spin on the Top Prospects game, where we saw The Future vs. The Flashbacks. This was basically players that had graduated to the VHL, using their final VHLM attributes versus the current VHLM top active players. Now we have the VHLM All-Star game which took place a week ago and the teams were full of active players, which was great. I think this has a lot to do with the player two addition as there are an abundance of second players in the VHLM right now.


@Smarch decided to do a bit of a throwback for the VHLM All-Star game as he named the teams after two old school VHLM players. Team Zach Parise versus Team Tyler Vassell. The final score of the game was 9-7 with Team Tyler Vassell taking the victory, fittingly because the goalies (for the most part, Jacob aside) played amazing for them. Let's take a look at the three stars of the VHLM All-Star game.



G - Chet Manley - Team Tyler Vassell - :ssk: - @GoodLeftUndone

The third period goaltender made a huge difference for Team Tyler Vassell. He came into the net after sitting on the bench for forty minutes eating a plate of nachos, that had a disturbing amount of processed cheese on them. It seemed to help him in the net though as in the third Team Tyler Vassell would be losing 6-5, but they scored 4 goals and Chet Manley only allowed 1 goal, leading to the 9-7 victory and his spot as the VHLM All-Star game 3rd star.



FWD - Fook Yu - Team Zach Parise - :yuk:- @tfong

When your team has 7 goals in a game and you have 6 points, it means you were being a puck hog. Fook Yu said Fuck You to Jacob in the second period as he opened the scoring only a minute into the 2nd period in a period that saw a total of 10 goals. Fook Yu noticed that a lot of fans had left the arena during the 1st intermission due to a lack of action in the game, there was only 1 goal in the 1st period. He decided to put the VHLM on his back and get the party started in the 2nd period, earning him the 2nd star honors.



FWD - Rask Rowe - Team Tyler Vassell - :brm:@Rowe89

What a trooper. Rask Rowe was everywhere on the ice, but you wouldn't know it just looking at his stat line. He actually had the 3rd assist on 5 of the goals scored for Team Tyler Vassell, but those pesky statisticians don't track that one. Usually there is an untold rule in All-Star games that there is no hitting, but Rowe said, no thanks, he wants to make a name for himself. He came out to crush bodies and he did just that, throwing a total of 4 hits to lead the All-Star game. He also crushed 24 beers after the game as well. Hats off to you Rask Rowe, the 1st star.


For Jacob, for last week (doubles all-star)


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