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Do you hope to model your goalie career with any other VHL goalies of the past?


If you could draft one of your previous players to build a team around which one would it be?


What is your favorite film?


Media Spots - should they be changed in some way to make them more appealing?

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Your thoughts on NYA/COL/HSK trades?

Does SWC III wants to stay in Helsinki for one more season?

What do you think - what I'm gonna do with my S54 picks? Draft, trade or something else?

How long Helsinki will stay at the top of EU conference?

Your favorite VHL and VHLM team?

I assume your favorite position is goalie? Mikaelson stayed relatively long and it seems like you don't wanna retire Moon early. 

Are you gonna create a second player?

Will the VHLM removal help to retain players, especially the first-gens?

And how about the shortening VHL season? Will that make the regular season more interesting?

We just got 2 new VHL GM's recently. Seems like ''oldies'' are tired from GM'ing (maybe besides Greg). Who might be the next GM who steps down and will that happen in this/next off-season?

Not too much questions?



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Do you plan on having a 2nd player

What's the missing piece in Helsinki

Who will be Helsinki's biggest rival during the next 5 seasons

Who will be leading the NA conference for the next 5 seasons

Should we change sim engine

Who would be the preferable render for Moon 

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With S54 draft looking like a big one for Helsinki, and Stockholm already rising, how close of a battle is it going to be between the two teams in Europe next season?


Speaking of S54, give me some of the players you hope Higgins targets coming from the draft class?


Hard hitting question here: Be honest, how likely is it that you go through the entire career of Moon? 


Considering your past history with players, what is it that drives you to change so much? From username, to actual players, there is obviously something about our system that  causes you to want to restart? I'd be interested in hearing some in depth thoughts as to why this is, what has motivated it, and perhaps what you think it is about the VHL itself that might cause this in others. 


Lastly; grade all the VHL franchises from most likely for you to want to play on to least, with enough details as to why. This should provide enough shots fired for a shit storm of comments, which in my experience is how you get people to listen to anything. :P:cheers: 

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~ Blonde, Brunette, Redhead?

~ Sexiest accent?

~ One big meal a day and two small meals, or three similar size meals?

~ I want to lost 10 pounds. Give me suggestions as to what exercises I should do to accomplish this goal.

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