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What's Old is New Again


Right now in the VHL there are 6 general managers that are on their second or third tenures as managers in the league. That means there are only 4 general managers that are currently on their first tenures as general manager. @DollarAndADream, @hedgehog337, @Banackock are three of the first time managers and two of them are just taking over for S53 as their first official full season. There is also @Gooningitup who is stepping down after his long tenure as manager of Davos, so there is a chance for another first time manager to take over a team, or we could see the seventh veteran manager.


For this article I decided to look at the accomplishments of the veteran managers of the league who together have a total of 79 seasons of experience as VHL general managers. Listed below you will find, the teams the member has managed, the total amount of seasons as manager, Continental Cups (championships) won, top manager awards, Victory Cups (best regular season) won, how many seasons their team made the playoffs, their overall regular season record, and their overall winning percentage.




@Pablo - Clinton Chevy

S41-S50 Quebec City :que:, and S53 Calgary :cal:

Seasons: 11

Continental Cups: 0

Top Manager Awards: 0

Victory Cups: 3

Playoffs: 7/11

Regular Season Record: 439-273-74

Winning Percentage: 60.56%


After a long stint with the Quebec City Meute, Mr. Chevy is back after only three seasons off. He is the new manager of the Calgary Wranglers and this is his first season into a full on rebuild. This is the one GM that has a lot to prove to his peers, because somehow he has won neither a championship or a top manager award. Despite winning 3 Victory Cups as the best regular season, the votes just never went his way due to playoff collapses. When looking at the raw numbers, he has the 3rd highest winning percentage on this list and I bet he is one of the winningest regular season managers in VHL history with over 10 seasons at the helm.



@Devise - Ryan Power

S30-S32 New York :nya:, S42-S44 Cologne :col:, and S51-S53 New York :nya:

Seasons: 9

Continental Cups: 2

Top Manager Awards: 3

Victory Cups: 0

Playoffs: 8/9

Regular Season Record: 407-192-43

Winning Percentage: 66.74%


In and out is the perfect way to describe Mr. Power's general manager career. Short stints in both New York and Cologne have resulted in a championship win in each instance. This may mean he isn't the best manager for a full on rebuild job, but if you're team has a core and you want to reach the next level, Mr. Power is your man. His teams have made the playoffs 8 of 9 seasons, the best on this list. His winning percentage is also the top on this list, as he's won 2 games for every 1 lost. Interestingly he has not won a Victory Cup as the best regular season team despite this crazy high win percentage.



@Frank - Frank Chadwick

S24-S26 Davos :dav:, S37-S40 Quebec City :que:, and S51-S53 Quebec City :que:

Seasons: 10

Continental Cups: 2

Top Manager Awards: 1

Victory Cups: 1

Playoffs: 5/10

Regular Season Record: 309-361-44

Winning Percentage: 46.36%


Mr. Chadwick is the only manager on this list with a win percentage that is below 50%. You can't fully blame him though, he has taken over teams that are heading straight into a rebuild with no future assets and he's been able to continue creating contenders with what his predecessors left him. Short stints rule this manager, but he's currently in a rebuild that will be turning the corner for Season 54 so I expect his win percentage will rise over the next 3 seasons. His best seasons as a manager were his first two in Davos.



@gregreg - Greg Harbinson

S20-S28 Seattle :sea:, S34-S37 Seattle :sea:, and S45-S53 Cologne :col:

Seasons: 22

Continental Cups: 1

Top Manager Awards: 0

Victory Cups: 2

Playoffs: 13/22

Regular Season Record: 788-664-126

Winning Percentage: 53.61%


The eldest of the managers on this list, Mr. Harbinsons GM days date all the way back to Season 20, which was 7 real life years ago. Since Season 20 we have gone through 33 seasons and he has been a manager for 22 of those, or in other words 66% of the time. He has a winning record that is sitting well over 50%, but he's only managed to win 1 championship all the way back in Season 28 with Seattle. It seems with his last two stints as manager he's been chasing the dream that he retired on in Season 28. Cologne has a long way to go to win a championship, but you can't fault him for wanting to compete every single season. With two of his own prospects, the tracks are being laid for the future of the Express.



@Higgins - Mitch Higgins

S30-S36 Helsinki :hel:, and S52-S53 Helsinki :hel:

Seasons: 9

Continental Cups: 1

Top Manager Awards: 2

Victory Cups: 2

Playoffs: 7/9

Regular Season Record: 378-219-45

Winning Percentage: 62.38%


The Helsinki Fixer as it would seem, this is second time Mr. Higgins has taken over the GM role on the Helsinki Titans. Both times it's been after the previous GM has gone inactive and left the VHL. Both times he has taken over the Titans they spent one full season missing the playoffs, and then quickly ascended up the standings into the playoffs for the next season. During his first tenure with the Titans he won a championship, two top manager awards, and two Victory Cups, and he's hoping to repeat this feat during his current tenure. On this list he boasts the second highest winning percentage.



@Advantage - Chris Miller

S33-S46 New York :nya:, and S50-S53 Stockholm :sto:

Seasons: 18

Continental Cups: 2

Top Manager Awards: 3

Victory Cups: 4

Playoffs: 11/18

Regular Season Record: 688-615-86

Winning Percentage: 56.67%


Mr. Miller has the most hardware to his name on this list with a total of 9 trophies, consisting of 2 championships, 3 top manager awards, and 4 Victory Cups. In fact those 4 Victory Cups all came back-to-back during his time as GM of the New York Americans, making him the best manager in NY history during his time. When he retired from managing the Americans, he clearly still had an itch to get back into the game and bring a failure to a championship. During his first time as GM he didn't inherit a true rebuild, but this time in Stockholm he did. After three seasons of missing the playoffs and acquiring draft picks and top prospects, his team is back in the playoffs and the Vikings fans are hoping he can roll off another 4 Victory Cups in a row, or at least a championship.



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7 hours ago, Da Trifecta said:

@Higgins why not include your Bears tenure?


just for the sake of calculating my record I didn't want to go back and check the date I took over Seattle mid-season. It still counts though ;D

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