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1st Overall Sits Out


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This is quite the curious case as the former 1st overall selection in the Season 49 VHL Entry Draft has decided to sit out the entire Season 53. Titan Kronos played his last 4 seasons with the Riga Reign and has been constantly putting up between 50-80 points per season as one of the teams best defensemen, putting up 76 points just last season. In fact Kronos was actually named the captain of the Reign in his first season with them and continued on as the captain into Season 50. Then, in Season 51 the Riga Reign and Titan Kronos went on to win the Continental Cup. Titan Kronos was also named to the VHL All-Star game just last season and represented Team USA at the World Cup in S50 winning a gold medal as the teams undisputed #1 defenseman.


But now, Titan Kronos is nowhere to be found, and has decided to sit out Season 53. It wasn't for a lack of offers from teams either, the VHL is starved for quality defensemen. The defender received offers from Quebec City, Toronto Legion, Riga Reign, Cologne Express, and the Helsinki Titans. This list contains a number of different teams from rebuilds to playoff teams to an actual top four contending team in the league. Yet, Titan Kronos has decided to sit out the entire season. An interesting case, indeed.






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