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Muller closes out career strong


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Shawn Muller only has 2 more games left in his VHL Regular Season career and he sits at 46 goals and 46 assists for 92 points in 70 games. This puts his career totals at 502 GP, 284 goals and 330 assists for 614 points. This point total is good enough for roughly 97th all time in VHL scoring just ahead of names like Anatoli Zhumbayev, Michal Wozniak, Alexander Sauve and Brennan McQueen, he is just behind Devon Marlow-Marta, Layken Heidt, Jackson Miller and Miles Larsson. If he were to get at least 2 points in his final two games, he would tie those 3 players in points and if he gets 3 he would pass them and tie Jochen Walser and Mason Richardson which was about where I put Muller at the start of this season. Muller began his VHL/M journey sometime in early August in S44 with the Bratislava Watchmen, was drafted to the Moscow Red Wolves on August 29th, 2015, won a VHLM Championship, was drafted 4th overall by Seattle on November 3rd, 2015 but didn't play his first VHL game until January 9th, 2016 and won a VHL Championship in his career. He never won a individual trophy in his career although could be in the running for the Scott Boulet Trophy this season, but it is the end of an era for me, I never stayed active for a full career length and I am proud of myself and Muller for being able to do it. I will miss Muller, but am looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish with Shawn Gretzky. 

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